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This is the Main Event.

We've beaten back the biggest and worst parts of the Trump legislative agenda so far.

Now with the Trump Tax Cuts unveiled, we're facing the greatest assault

on our social contract and national wealth in a generation.


If passed, the Trump Tax Scam will hand over vast portions of our national wealth

to the 1% and tee up transformative cuts to our social fabric.


Calling all D3 Defenders!

D3 Indivisible is joining with local Indivisible chapters and allies across Western and Southern Colorado to fight the Trump Tax Scam.

We will be publishing regular updates on developments in the new tax bill and local actions, and sharing cutting-edge organizing tips, strategies, and techniques that you can use to fight the good fight in your community!

A Colossal Theft is Coming.

On Thursday, Congress unveiled its tax bill.

The bill follows a measure passed in both the Senate and House in October that spelled out a Grinch-worthy Christmas wishlist of future cuts including:

- $1.3 TRILLION in cuts to Medicaid and Obamacare

- $473 billion in cuts to Medicare

- $1 trillion in mystery cuts. Yes, you read that right. $1 trillion in cuts to life-and-death programs simply marked TBD.

All these proposed cuts are designed to fund tax breaks for mega-donors and the super rich. While also ballooning the deficit, they provide a pretext for future transformative rollbacks to basic social contract programs including Medicaid and Medicare, Social Security, education, and services for working families and seniors.

A tax cut designed to boost the economy and American strength would bolster consumer spending power through working family pocketbooks -- not by abetting more luxury spending by the already rich. A tax cut designed to build the future would prioritize investment in new skills, infrastructure, research, technology, and productive capital formation -- not by rewarding the current winners of a rigged economic power structure. 

What's in the tax bill?

-  $1.5 trillion in tax cuts, with 80% destined for the top 1%

- the corporate tax rate permanently felled from 35% to 20%

- the end to medical expenses deductions, which will hit families with sick children and retirees hard

- the end to the head of household deduction, which will penalize single parents and their children

- a $64B decrease in deductible education expenses over the next decade

- a doubling of the income level subject to the highest tax bracket

- a complete elimination of the tax on mega wealthy estates


This tax bill is the greatest assault on public resources and the social contract we’ve witnessed in a generation. If it passes, we will be paying the price for just as long. If it is beaten back, the impotence and radical betrayal of the American people by this administration will be on full display for all to see. 

Our own Rep. Scott Tipton and Sen. Cory Gardner will be voting on this colossal theft of American wealth. 



This will be a fight.

Today, a Trump-aligned SuperPAC announced a $100 million advertising buy to support the tax cuts. GOP megadonors including the Koch Brothers are twisting the arms of rank-and-file Members of Congress. And tax cut backers have plenty of boondoggle talking points available -- a doubling of the standard deduction! an increase in the child credit! What they won't mention are provisions to slash or end completely several important deductions that working families and retirees currently rely on. 

We can win this, but we need an up-welling like we saw this Spring across women's marches, marches for science, resistance against the Affordable Care Act repeal, the firing of James Comey, and the worst proposed Trump appointments. 

We need leaders to defend our communities and our country. 

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