Joint Statement Regarding Domestic Terrorism in Charlottesville

We are appalled at the violence and bigotry displayed by white nationalist groups in Charlottesville this weekend. We commend Sen. Cory Gardner for calling this incident what it is—domestic terrorism committed by white supremacists. 

While we should condemn white nationalists when they are in the streets shouting racial slurs and intimidating threatened communities, it is equally important to condemn those whose language is more subtle and who hold positions of power in our country. When known white nationalists such as Sebastian Gorka, Stephen Miller, and Steven Bannon have official positions in our White House, it is no wonder that violent extremists feel emboldened. When Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is confirmed as Attorney General by every GOP member of the Senate, despite his well-known history of racist policies, the problem is not “fringe,” but rather an established part of the Republican Party. 

We call on all members of Congress to not just make vague statements condemning “hatred and violence,” but to take this opportunity to reflect on how their own policies and rhetoric may contribute to a culture of racist violence and to demand better of their party and our country. 

We stand firmly with the activists doing anti-racism work in Charlottesville and throughout the U.S. Our thoughts remain with the victims, their families, and loved ones. 

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