As you may have heard, tomorrow -- Tuesday, March 6 -- is caucus night in Colorado!

Caucuses are the first step in each major party's process to decide who their candidates will be for the primary election and general election. 

Whoever shows up at these neighborhood-level caucuses on Tuesday will have a huge say in who those eventual candidates will be. 

Caucuses are also a great way to meet like-minded people from your neighborhood, county, region, and state, depending how far you'd like to get involved. They're also a fun and fascinating experience of one of the most direct parts of our democracy!

*Note that you must have been registered with a major party by January 8, 2018 to participate in that party's caucus process. If you didn't register, you'll have to wait to vote in the primary election on June 26.

What Happens at Caucus? 

A whole bunch of direct democracy! Caucus in Colorado revolves around the Governor's race this year (it was presidential race last year!). At your neighborhood (precinct) caucus, you'll cast your vote for your favorite candidate for governor. There may be some group discussion, debate, and consensus that occurs. Delegates from your precinct will then be apportioned based on the governor's race votes of anyone who attends. If your preferred candidate for governor wins enough votes to qualify for delegates from your precinct, you can then raise your hand to be a delegate for them, and thereby qualify to be a delegate to assemblies for all sorts of other races! In some cases, precinct votes may produce opportunities to be an uncommitted delegate. 

It's important to really ask people who are running to be delegates to be sure they can actually attend the later assemblies -- there are no longer any alternate delegates at the state level and if they don't show up your votes won't count. 

Those precinct delegates then head to a county assembly and have options to go much further. See our infographic below. 

We here at D3 Indivisible know that the world belongs to those who show up, and we encourage you to attend your neighborhood caucus, meet other active members of your community, and consider becoming a county or statewide delegate to help ensure that Colorado voters have strong and meaningful choices this November!

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