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  • 620 Sabeta Drive
  • Ridgway, CO, 81432
  • United States

Guest Speakers include: Mandy Miller, a Victims Advocate from Telluride; Chantelle Bainbridge, a Victims Advocate from the DA’s office in Montrose; and Aimee Chavez from Hilltop Community Resources in Montrose. We will be exploring the need for a Victims Advocate for Ouray County. 


  • Describe the service you provide
  • How you’re contacted, steps taken with victim, who gets called, when and by whom, confidentiality, etc.
  • Communication with other agencies
  • Training of volunteers
  • Additional resources needed
  • How are you funded and how does that affect the services you provide?
  • How do you inform the public about your services and contact info?
  • How is Ouray County covered?
  • What holes do you see in our coverage?
  • What could we do to help fill any holes?