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D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Friday's D3 Daily Action - Defend the BLM Natural Gas Waste Rule


The BLM Natural Gas Waste Rule was created to reduce pollution and resource waste on public and tribal lands. 

Now, Trump's Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke wants to delay it's implementation. 

The Rule called for the adoption of methane mitigation technology on oil and gas operations on Bureau of Land Management and tribal lands. By reducing methane flaring, venting, and leaking from oil and gas operations, we reduce asthma-inducing VOCs and carcinogenic benzene emissions, shrink impacts on neighboring communities, limit powerful methane greenhouse gas emissions, and save money -- a whole lot of it. 

Every day, oil and gas operations waste enough natural gas to heat 500,000 U.S. homes. Every year, they waste $330 million of natural gas from public lands as they cut costs and flare and vent unwanted gas. Over a decade, that adds up to $3.3 billion, of which $800 million would be paid as royalties to taxpayers. 

Guess Who Doesn't Like the Rule?

The American Petroleum Institute and Koch Brothers, for two. Oil and gas collectively spends over $100 million a year lobbying Congress, and has found more than a few representatives happy to answer their call. Former Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT) was one of them prior to his appointment by Trump to head the Department of the Interior. 

Push Back!

Public comment period for the Bureau of Land Management rule review period closes soon. 

Our friends at the Western Organization of Western Resource Councils have created a handy form to register your opposition to the delay of the rule. 

Click here to Defend the Natural Gas Waste Rule and send your comments to the BLM!


Stay Strong America!






D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Thursday's D3 Daily Action - Defend the Coolest Act You've Never Heard Of. 

So much more than antiquities.


Passed in 1906 and signed by Teddy Roosevelt himself, the Antiquities Act has created some of America's greatest monuments.

And Colorado Congressmen Doug Lamborn and Scott Tipton are coming after it. 

The Antiquities Act gives U.S. Presidents the power to create national monuments from Federal lands to protect natural, culture, and scientific resources. It is responsible for the genesis of over 50% of the national parks in the U.S. and has been used over 100 times in its 111 years by presidents to create protected sites including:

Aztec Ruins, New Mexico // Bears Ears, Utah // Canyons of the Ancients, Colorado // Chimney Rock, Colorado // Devil's Tower, Wyoming // Dinosaur NationalMonument, Colorado // The Grand Canyon // Grand Staircase-Escalante, Utah // Mount St. Helens // Natural Bridges, Utah // Rainbow Bridge, Utah // Yucca House, Colorado // and more!

Why would anyone want to undo the Antiquities Act?

On Wednesday, the House Natural Resources Committee advanced legislation to undo the President's authority under the Act. Rep. Bishop's bill (with Colorado's Doug Lamborn as co-sponsor), H.R. 3990, would require full approval from counties, state legislators, governors, and abutting private landowners before a national monument greater than 85,000 acres may be declared. The creation of protected marine national monuments, as done by President Obama, is also significantly curtailed. While based on arguments for local control, Bishop's bill is part of the rising opposition to public lands and the environmental, cultural, and scientific protection they entail -- often to the chagrin of extractive industries in the West. 

Bishop's bill, H.R. 3990, gives presidents the authority to shrink existing national monuments. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke already wants Trump to shrink four national monuments ― Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante in Utah, Gold Butte in Nevada and Cascade Siskiyou in California and Oregon ― and slash protections for these monuments and six others.

Says Randi Spivak of the Center for Biological Diversity: “There’s no public support for this kind of radical legislation. Bishop’s only motivation is greed. He’s offering a gift to the fossil fuel, mining and timber industries and expecting something in return.”

Do I have to call Congress again?

Until we can kick the bad guys out next year, yes!

Anti-public lands legislators are hoping the public isn't watching. Let them know we are. 

Passed Wednesday by the House Natural Resources Committee, the bill is set to continue its journey to a full floor vote. Please let the following representatives know that you are watching. 

Bonus mission: Call all three -- Tipton, Lamborn (co-sponsor), and Bishop (sponsor)!

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

Sample Script: My name is [name] and I live in [town]. As a resident of the West Slope and as a [what do you do outdoors?] I urge Representative Tipton to stop supporting H.R. 3990, the National Monument Creation and Protection Act. This bill is a direct assault on my lifestyle, traditions, our economy, and our public lands heritage. This is a bad bill and I ask Representative Tipton to stand against this bill with his constituents. 

Our friends at Conservation Colorado have also created some useful talking points

Alamosa: 719-587-5105
Durango: 970-259-1490
Grand Junction: 970-241-2499
Pueblo: 719-542-1073

Washington, DC: (202) 225-4422
Colorado Springs: (719) 520-0055

Washington, DC: 202-225-0453
Ogden, UT: 801-625-0107

Stay Strong America!






D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Wednesday's D3 Daily Action - End the Silence of the Dickey Amendment

Gun violence? What gun violence?


You might think we know when, where, and how gun violence occurs in the U.S. 

You'd be wrong. 

In 1996, Congress passed the Dickey Amendment after the NRA was upset at federal studies that showed a clear link between gun violence and public health. 

The Dickey Amendment says "none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control.” It was passed to retaliate for unwanted CDC findings and -- alongside funding cuts to CDC gun research -- has operated as a choke-hold on US gun violence study and accountability every since. Systematic studies of violent offender warning signs? Analysis of access patterns to firearms before shootings? Inventories of gun homicides in most states? All victims of the Dickey Amendment. Even the Amendment author regrets ever having pushed it. 

For see, more John Oliver and a powerful history from the American Psychological Association

The political fear tactics of the NRA make it impossible to pass common-sense gun safety laws, and the NRA is working to make it impossible for the federal government to even study the issue.

Congress needs to feel the heat. 

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

Sample script: 

I'm a constituent from __town__ calling to ask what you can do to prevent gun violence in our country. The Dickey Amendment was passed as an amendment to the 1996 Appropriations Bill and has denied the Center for Disease Control the ability to study how gun violence occurs and how to prevent it. I think we can all agree that allowing research on how people commit gun violence, warning signs to look for, and things we can do to stop them is something both parties can get behind. Please let me know where you stand on repealing the Dickey Amendment.

Alamosa: 719-587-5105
Durango: 970-259-1490
Grand Junction: 970-241-2499
Pueblo: 719-542-1073
Washington, DC: 202-225-4761

Stay Strong America!







D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Tuesday's D3 Daily Action - Stand Up for the Clean Power Plan

Trump's appointment for EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, is moving to rewind the clock on climate action. 


Pruitt has the Historic Clean Power Plan in His Sights.

On October 9th, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced that the agency will take steps to repeal the Clean Power Plan, an Obama-era policy aimed at reducing carbon emissions from power plants and combating climate change.

That's the same Scott Pruitt who made his name suing the very agency he now heads.

The Clean Power Plan is a set of policies and guidelines issued in 2015 under the Clean Air Act, the nation's longstanding air pollution law. The plan sets carbon emission targets for coal, gas and other power plants, and gives each state the ability to design their own methods to achieve them. If fully implemented, the Clean Power Plan is projected to cut carbon emissions by 32% nationally (relative to 2005 levels), save the US $20 billion in climate-related costs, and add $14-$34 billion in added health benefits. The shift toward clean renewable energy sources will also save the average American family money due to their overall lower cost.

Why was the Clean Power Plan such a historic breakthrough, and what do will be the cost of it's repeal? Learn more from the Union of Concerned Scientists. 

There is no question that increased carbon emissions have led to climate change and the rise of more and more floods, droughts, wildfires, and hurricanes that have put populations in the US and around the world in danger. It is irresponsible for the EPA to roll back policies that curb carbon emissions under false promises of reduced costs or a coal industry comeback.

While a repeal of the Clean Power Plan is not expected to be immediately implemented (it will go through a formal rule-making process and will also face lawsuits), Congress can take action now by supporting measures that uphold the strategies of the Clean Power Plan and voting down those that undermine it.

Congress has the power to do what's right. 

Sample script for a quick call to your Congressional office:

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from _____. 

I'm calling to express my concern about the EPA's decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan. It is clear that carbon emissions have led to climate change and the increase of natural disasters devastating our country. I strongly urge Rep. Tipton to support measures that uphold the strategies of the Clean Power Plan and oppose those that undermine it.

<Speak about how climate change is effecting and will impact your community or things that are important to you..>

We can't deny the harms that Congressional inaction is allowing. Please do what's right for Colorado and my community and take action on this. 

Thank you for your time and attention.

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

Alamosa: 719-587-5105
Durango: 970-259-1490
Grand Junction: 970-241-2499
Pueblo: 719-542-1073
Washington, DC: 202-225-4761

Stay Strong America!







D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Monday's D3 Daily Action - Stop the Muslim Travel Ban 3.0

New Trump travel ban goes into effect October 18. Ask your representatives what they plan to do about it. 


Not last time. Not this time.

Trump's team is back with a more carefully planned legal argument to achieve his promised "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” With his past efforts cast aside by the courts, many civil rights and immigration watchers believe that Trump is returning better prepared -- and that this will be the biggest battle yet. 

What's different about this ban, how has Trump's strategy changed, and how will his past comments shape the battle in court? For more information, see Bloomberg and the ACLU

While many groups are pushing back and filing actions in court, including the ACLU and State of Hawai'i, citizens committed to protecting our civil rights and equality under the law can make a difference too -- by asking our representatives to declare whether they support Trump's feckless racial scapegoating or will take a stand for civil rights. 

This Monday, take a few minutes to call your representatives in Congress and the Senate and ask them what they plan to do to uphold our civil rights and oppose these divisive and hurtful policies. 

Sample language

Dear Representative Tipton / Senator Gardner, I am deeply concerned about the president’s new travel ban that adds a form with religion-specific questions to our already thorough immigrant screening process. I support our constitutional rights and oppose any attempt to discriminate against anyone -- including immigrants -- based on race and religion. Please contact me with details about what you are doing to protect our civil rights and equality under the law."

Colorado Springs: 719-632-6706
Denver: 303-391-5777
Durango: 970-415-7416
Fort Collins: 970-484-3502
Grand Junction: 970-245-9553
Greeley: 970-352-5546
Pueblo: 719-543-1324
Washington, DC: 202-224-5941

Alamosa: 719-587-5105
Durango: 970-259-1490
Grand Junction: 970-241-2499
Pueblo: 719-542-1073
Washington, DC: 202-225-4761

Stand Strong America!






D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Calling all D3 Defenders: We have two weeks to stop the Trump Tax Scam. 

defender banner.jpg

This is the Main Event. 

We've beaten back the worst parts of Trump's legislative agenda so far.

Now with the Trump Tax Cuts unveiled, we're facing the greatest assault on our social contract and national wealth in a generation.

D3 Indivisible, in partnership with local Indivisible chapters and allies across Western and Southern Colorado, is organizing to stop this colossal theft in its tracks.

Click here or on the image below to sign up for our special D3 Defenders Action Team to receive timely updates on the tax bill, info on local actions, and cutting-edge organizing tips and techniques.

Read on for a summary of the tax bill and please share this email with others who can help us fight back. 

A Colossal Theft is Coming.

On Thursday, Congress unveiled its tax bill. The bill follows a measure passed in both the Senate and House in October that spelled out a Grinch-worthy Christmas wishlist of cuts including:

- $1.3 TRILLION in cuts to Medicaid and Obamacare

- $473 billion in cuts to Medicare

- $1 trillion in mystery cuts. Yes, you read that right. $1 trillion in cuts to life-and-death programs simply marked TBD.

All these proposed cuts are designed to fund tax breaks for mega-donors and the super rich. By ballooning the deficit, they provide a pretext for transformative rollbacks to basic social contract programs including Medicaid and Medicare, Social Security, education, and services for working families and seniors.

A tax cut designed to boost the economy would bolster consumer spending power through working family pocketbooks -- not by abetting more luxury spending by the fantastically rich. A tax cut designed to build a strong American future would prioritize investment in new skills, infrastructure, research, technology, and productive capital formation -- not by rewarding the current winners of a rigged economic power structure. 

What's in the tax bill?

-  $1.5 trillion in tax cuts, with 80% destined for the top 1%

- the corporate tax rate permanently felled from 35% to 20%

- the end to medical expenses deductions, which will hit families with sick children and retirees hard

- the end to the head of household deduction, which will penalize single parents and their children

- a $64B decrease in deductible education expenses over the next decade

- a doubling of the income level subject to the highest tax bracket

- a complete elimination of the tax on mega wealthy estates

This will be a fight.

Today, a Trump-aligned SuperPAC announced a $100 million advertising buy to support the tax cuts. GOP megadonors including the Koch Brothers are twisting the arms of rank-and-file Members of Congress. And tax cut backers have plenty of boondoggle talking points available -- a doubling of the standard deduction! an increase in the child credit! What they won't mention are provisions to slash or end completely several important deductions that working families and retirees currently rely on. 

We can win this, but we need an up-welling like we saw this Spring across women's marches, marches for science, resistance against the Affordable Care Act repeal, the firing of James Comey, and the worst proposed Trump appointments. 

The House will vote in mid-November.The resistance needs you now.

D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Sunday's D3 Daily Action: BREATHE

Touch your heart. Touch someone else's heart today. Be mindful. Slow down. Go outside. Feel your breath move. Honor yourself. Honor your loved ones. Honor the earth. Honor this process. We are all in this together.

D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Monday's D3 Daily Action: Advocate for a path to citizenship and oppose corporate detention profits.

Call Representative Scott Tipton: 202-225-4761
Call Senator Cory Garnder: 202-224-5941
Call Senator Michael Bennet: 202-224-5852

Script: I am calling about corporate involvement in deportation. A recent report showed some contracted companies run detention centers that violate basic human rights and fail to meet federal standards. ICE’s aggressive tactics are increasing numbers which worsens conditions. Also, deportation charter flights are a cash cow for airlines, and are rife with abuse. I am outraged that my tax dollar is funding corporations that violate human rights, waste money, and are linked with the Trump campaign. I know immigration is a complex issue, but I look to [name] to speak up against unnecessary deportations and hold corporate contractors to the highest standards. What is [name] doing to address aggressive deportation and create a path to citizenship?


D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Saturday's D3 Daily Action

Sunday's D3 Daily Action: Watch this TED Talk on Etiology of Partisanship

Description: The divisiveness plaguing American politics today is nothing new, says constitutional law scholar Noah Feldman. In fact, it dates back to the early days of the republic, when a dispute between Alexander Hamilton and James Madison led the two Founding Fathers to cut ties and form the country's first political parties. Join Feldman for some fascinating history of American factionalism -- and a hopeful reminder about how the Constitution has proven itself to be greater than partisanship.

D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Thursday's D3 Daily Action

Protest taking $213M from effective teen pregnancy prevention. (hat tip)

Email: Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price at

Script: I’m writing because the US teen pregnancy rate is at an all-time low thanks to our effective Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. The recent HHS decision to defund it two years ahead of schedule jeopardizes young women’s futures, increases costs, and risks raising the teen pregnancy rate to previous levels. I want to see funding reinstated. Thank you. Name, state, ZIP

Bonus: Carbon copy your three MoCs.


D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Thursday's D3 Daily Action

The Senate is preparing to start the debate on confirming Bernhardt RIGHT NOW. Please call your Senators to let them know their complicity in this assault on our nation is UNACCEPTABLE.

As our polluted climate wreaks havoc across the nation with killer heat waves, wildfires, and storms, the Trump assault in our nation’s capital is proceeding apace. Today, the U.S. Senate is preparing to confirm the nomination of radical polluter-industry lobbyist David Bernhardt to the number-two job at the Department of Interior, which oversees oil and gas drilling on federal lands, the Endangered Species Act, our national parks, and much more. Bernhardt pledged in his confirmation hearing to implement the Trump "perspective" instead of respecting the scientific consensus on climate change, "whatever that is."

Here’s a sample script:

Hi, my name is ____, and I am your constituent calling from _____. I am calling to ask Senator ____ vote against the confirmation of polluter lobbyist and climate denier David Bernhardt as the Deputy Secretary of the Interior. We need to save our climate and our health, not destroy them.

1. First, try to call the DC office of your U.S. Senators.
If the line is busy or the mailbox is full,

2. Call their local offices.

Shamefully, last week the Senate voted 56-39 on the motion to end any possibility of filibuster on the Bernhardt nomination, putting into motion today's vote. All Republicans present voted for the nominee. The members of the Democratic caucus who voted for cloture: Michael Bennet (D-CO), Brian Schatz (D-HI), Joe Donnelly (D-IN), Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Joe Manchin (D-WV); and Angus King (I-ME). Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) did not vote.

We understand that Heitkamp, Donnelly, and Manchin are compromised by fossil-fuel interests, but we were shocked that climate-hawk senators Bennet, Schatz, Heinrich, and King voted with them. When we've reached out to the senate offices, we've heard that they cast these votes either because of personal friendships with this industry lobbyist or because they cut behind-the-scenes deals good enough to justify supporting Trump's corrupt climate-denial agenda.

I honestly had thought Senate Democrats had heard the message from their constituents that we expect resistance to Trump and the Kochs, not compliance and collusion. But it turns out we have to keep reminding them what the stakes are for this nation and this planet.

I’m asking that you make the call whether you have Democratic or Republican senators. Every U.S. Senator needs to know their constituents are watching and taking action. If they won't take a bold stand against Trump’s climate-killing nominees, they need to know we will make them pay at the ballot box.

This D3 Daily Action courtesy of:


Climate Hawks Vote Disappointed In Democratic Senators' Vote for David Bernhardt

Interior nominee: Policy will reflect Trump ‘perspective’ more than science, ThinkProgress

Senators press interior nominee on science and climate, Science

Trump Deputy Interior Pick Gets A Lashing On Climate Change, HuffPost

D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Sunday's D3 Daily Action

Photo: &nbsp; The Hill

Photo:  The Hill

Sunday Reading Project:  Peter Hessler's How Trump Is Transforming Rural America:  In Colorado, the President’s tone has started rubbing off on residents. - The New Yorker

Peter Hessler joined The New Yorker as a staff writer in 2000. From 2000 until 2007, he was the magazine’s correspondent in China. His Letter from China articles included features on the basketball player Yao Ming, a Shenzhen factory worker, and a rural family in the grip of a medical crisis. His first book, “River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze,” won the Kiriyama Prize and was short-listed for the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award. His second book, “Oracle Bones,” was a finalist for the National Book Award. He won an American Society of Magazine Editors award for his piece “China’s Instant Cities,” about the entrepreneurial frenzy behind China’s dramatic economic growth, published in National Geographic. He completed his trilogy of China books with “Country Driving: A Chinese Road Trip.” In 2011, Hessler was named a MacArthur Fellow. After leaving China, Hessler moved to southwestern Colorado, where his stories included a feature about the local uranium industry and a profile of a small-town druggist. His collection of essays, “Strange Stones: Dispatches from East and West,” was published by Harper in 2013. In the fall of 2011, Hessler moved to Cairo, Egypt, where he has covered the ongoing revolution


D3 Daily Action

Saturday's D3 Daily Action

Stand up to Dirty Energy in Colorado.

It is time to stand up against companies that are trying to destroy our natural resources and refuse to prioritize our health and safety. Your participation this week is crucial in the fight against dirty energy in Colorado.

Here is how ...


The Trump administration is pushing to expand coal extraction into Colorado’s untouched forests. Our state of Colorado has some of the most incredible untouched forests in the nation including the West Elk Wilderness Area. It’s home to glistening Aspen trees, crystal clear streams, and a variety of wildlife including thousands of elk, deer, black bear, and lynx.

President Trump’s Interior Department and Forest Service are now preparing to let Arch Coal -- the second largest coal producer in the U.S. -- devastate these lands. The Forest Service has opened the Arch Coal proposal to public comment through July 24th.

Submit your comments:  Now is your chance to tell the Trump administration not to rip apart our untouched forests for a few more years of coal extraction.


Even after the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled the health and safety of Coloradans must be prioritized when it comes to fracking, the COGCC is proceeding with business as usual by allowing this reckless industry to harm the health and well-being of Coloradans. They are appealing the decision, despite the extreme hazards that fracking presents, including two deadly oil & gas explosions just a few months ago.

We cannot let the COGCC get away with ignoring impacts to our health, safety and well-being! 

At their next public hearing (THIS COMING MONDAY), we need to demand that the COGCC:

1.      STOP THE APPEAL in the Martinez decision
2.     RESCIND ALL NEW PERMITS issued following the Martinez decision
3.     STOP ISSUING ILLEGAL PERMITS that ignore the law

WHEN: Monday, July 24th at 8:30 a.m. (Arrive on time to pack the room before the meeting starts)

WHERE: The Chancery Building 1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 801 in Denver

Here's what's needed:


Nebraska's Public Service Commission has the ability to stop the Keystone XL pipeline once and for all ahead of their vote this fall, and we need to show them that Coloradans stand with Nebraska against this dirty and dangerous project.

Join the bus from Denver to Lincoln, Nebraska to rally against the Keystone XL pipeline in the March to Give KXL the Boot. RSVP now to save a seat on the bus for only $10!

What: March to Give Keystone XL the Boot!
When: Sunday, August 6 at 3:00 PM
Where: Nebraska State Capitol, Lincoln Nebraska
Check out more information on the March to Give Keystone XL the Boot website.

Trump pushes coal mining in Gunnison National Forest days after repudiating Paris climate agreement - High Country Conservation Advocates

Hickenlooper orders halt to fight over court oil-gas ruling, but AG Coffman moves ahead - The Denver Post

Nebraska to become battleground over fate of Keystone XL pipeline project - The Guardian

Arch Coal says Trump administration positive for its business - CNBC

With thanks to

D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Friday's D3 Daily Action

D3 Indivisible Colorado Summit Today!

Many of you will be with us today in Ridgway, CO to attend the first-of-its-kind D3 Summit.  We welcome almost 200 leaders and progressive voices from over 35 cities and towns in District 3 Colorado and beyond!

If you are not able to be with us in person today, we hope that you will connect with a representative from your region upon their return so that we, as a district and state, can continue to build strength and to collaborate in the promotion of common sense policy that upholds the pillars of our Constitution and to protect our freedoms for a stronger America.

As a Resource Hub and Action Platform, D3 Indivisible Colorado is committed to serving as an umbrella for regional entities to gather and disseminate factual information, raise public awareness, organize coordinated political actions that further responsible and intelligent public policy, and to function as a public, inclusive platform to unite our diverse communities.

The first ever D3 Summit is designed to provide a forum for collaboration and coordination for progressive organizations and causes throughout Colorado's Third Congressional District. Today, we welcome leaders from Indivisible, progressive, environmental, social welfare, education, political and other diverse advocacy groups throughout the region as well as individuals committed to respectfully engaging in the kind of discourse that unifies rather than divides. 

D3 Summit Notable Speakers

Opening Remarks
Representative Jared Polis

Voices of the District Panel Discussion (Workshop Session 2): 
Gabriel Otero - Grand Junction
Julie Westendorff - La Plata/Durango
Gail Schwartz - Mountain Towns
Bruce Allen - Gunnison
Kiera Hatton-Sena - Pueblo

Kunoor Ojha, Organizing Manager Indivisible National

Potential Candidates' Forum Introduction
Gail Schwartz, 2016 Congressional Candidate for CD3

Potential Candidates' Forum:
State Representative Diane Mitsch Bush
Ex-CIA Agent, Bob Baer
Grand Junction City Council Member, Chris Kennedy

Keynote Speaker
William Steding, PhD

D3 Summit Workshops

Key concepts and tools for activists including understanding the activist’s journey, how power works, and the role of stories.

Tools and concepts to build a grassroots movement that bridges the gap rather than deepens the divide through acknowledging human tendencies, active listening and fostering empathy. 

Hear from a panel of campaigners and elected officials on communication strategies for different issues and audiences.

An A-Z manual on voter outreach, from voter registration and targeted conversations, to messaging and data driven plans.

How to conduct an effectiveness assessment of your organization, and tools for participatory planning and fundraising locally

Hear from three experienced organizers from the front lines of battleground issues in District

Heidi Hess - LGBTQ Rights
Brien Webster - Conservation/Environment
Karen Sherman-Perez - Immigration

Utilizing social media tools and free press to boost your presence and reach a larger audience

How to recruit, grow, keep, and inspire dedicated volunteers

Understanding and engaging millennials as volunteer and voters

For more information, visit:

D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Thursday's D3 Daily Action

Take action to protect the San Rafael Swell and Dinosaur/Book Cliffs regions from oil and gas leasing.

Once again, your voice in defense of Utah's wild places is urgently needed.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing to lease 79 parcels for oil and gas development on approximately 100,000 acres of federal public lands in eastern and central Utah.

Please submit your comments to the BLM:

1)  Write to protect the San Rafael Swell.  Ask that the BLM defer oil and gas leasing in the Molen Reef region.

2)  Write to protect Dinosaur National Monument, Desolation Canon and Book Cliffs Regions.

Included in this list are parcels along the western edge of the San Rafael Swell, in the heart of the Desolation Canyon region, the Book Cliffs, and immediately adjacent to Dinosaur National Monument. Leasing in the San Rafael Swell For the third time in five years, the BLM is proposing to offer leases in the Molen Reef region of the western San Rafael Swell—an area with high cultural and archaeological density and outstanding recreational opportunities.

Leasing also proposed near Dinosaur National Monument and in the Desolation Canyon and Book Cliffs regions.  In a return to the Bush administration’s scorched earth approach to oil and gas leasing in the Uinta Basin, the BLM is also proposing to offer leases in areas proposed for wilderness designation in the Desolation Canyon and Book Cliffs regions as well as immediately adjacent to Dinosaur National Monument.

This ill-advised proposal would, among other things, green-light oil and gas development right next to the monument, including along the primary access route travelled by thousands of visitors annually. One of the parcels was previously offered at the BLM’s infamous December 2008 oil and gas lease sale and later withdrawn from sale by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar after a successful lawsuit by SUWA and others blocked its issuance. In a letter to the BLM, the National Park Service has objected to the leasing proposal, citing adverse impacts to air quality, viewsheds, dark night skies, water quality, and natural soundscapes. Oil and gas development on the parcels near the monument would be visible from the Quarry Visitor Center as well as from numerous vantage points within the monument. 

With gratitude to the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance for this D3 Daily Action.

D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Wednesday's D3 Daily Action

Tell Betsy DeVos: Fire Candice Jackson and publicly commit to protecting all students from discrimination, hate and violence. 

Under Betsy DeVos’ Department of Education (DOE), campus sexual assault survivors are on their own.  Just last week DeVos met with misogynistic "men’s rights groups" and rape deniers about weakening Title IX protections.

Additionally, Candice Jackson, the acting head of the DOE's Office for Civil Rights, told reporters from the New York Times that “90 percent of sexual assault accusations fall into the category of, 'We were both drunk’, ‘we broke up, and six months later I found myself under a Title IX investigation because she just decided that our last sleeping together was not quite right.'”

This is not the first time Jackson has made such appalling statements. She is a long-time anti-feminist activist who has almost no experience with civil rights law. She once claimed she faced discrimination because she was white.  She has made many victim-blaming statements over the years and has shown a deeply troubling skepticism of women who report sexual violence.

Three things you can do:  

1)  Email the Department of Education & Demand that Betsy DeVos fire Candice Jackson and publicly commit to protecting all students from discrimination, hate and violence. 

Name (optional)
Email (required)
Category:  Civil Rights
Sub Category:  Other

Question (please include additional language if you are compelled to do so):
Will the Department of Education stand with survivors of campus sexual assault? Candice Jackson’s statement about sexual violence survivors perpetuates victim blaming and rape culture. The Department of Education must immediately fire Candice Jackson and publicly commit to protecting all students from discrimination, hate and violence by preserving and enforcing Title IX.

Thank you,
City, State, Zip

Select:  State
Click:  FINISH

2)  Click here to sign the petition

3)  If you're in Denver, join the protest TODAY and let DeVos know how you feel in person.  Betsy DeVos and her pro-corporate, anti-student agenda is bad for our country and our state.  "Members of Colorado's largest teachers' union, the Colorado Education Association, plan to protest U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos when she visits Denver...reportedly to address the American Legislative Exchange Council at its annual meeting." - Education Week

1500 Grant St, Denver, Colorado 80203
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

We cannot remain silent while DeVos undermines policies that protect students from discrimination and violence, empowers rape deniers and appoints anti-feminist activists to positions of power in her department. We must raise a massive public outcry to demand that DeVos do her job, immediately fire Candice Jackson and publicly commit to protecting all students from hate.

One in five women are sexually assaulted in college. According to a recent Title IX DOE report, there are 344 open sexual violence investigations at 242 postsecondary schools on the books right now. Title IX will only protect students from hate and violence if the DOE makes sure that schools enforce it.

DeVos has the power to control the enforcement of Title IX provisions to combat sexual violence on campuses, but she will only stand up for survivors if there is massive public pressure on her to do so.

Colorado educators plan protest against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos - The Denver Post

Senator Wants Education Official Fired After 'Egregious' Campus Sexual Assault Remark - Time

Betsy DeVos needs to fire her top civil rights deputy after sexual assault comments, Sen. Patty Murray says – LA Times

Betsy DeVos’ Civil Rights Chief Said “90 Percent” of Campus Rape Claims Are Bogus. The Backlash Was Swift. – Mother Jones

With thanks to CREDO Action.

D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Tuesday's D3 Daily Action

#KillTheBill:  TrumpCare is on its last legs. Now, it’s time to finish it.

Two Republican Senators—Jerry Moran of Kansas and Mike Lee of Utah (thank you for your calls!)—will oppose TrumpCare. That means that Republicans DO NOT HAVE THE VOTES to pass the bill.

This is huge news, and it’s a triumph for the hundreds of thousands of people across the country who called, protested, and showed up to district offices and town halls and rallies to fight for our health care and our lives.

But let’s be clear: this fight isn’t over. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will pull out all the stops to pass an ACA repeal bill. In fact, after failing to get enough votes to pass this most recent version of TrumpCare, McConnell has now indicated he will try to ram through a straight repeal bill. This is a last-ditch effort—and the only thing that will finish TrumpCare off for good is a wave of constituent power.

What you can do:

1. Show up at an action in Colorado TODAY:

Rally for Universal Health Care
Senator Cory Gardner’s Durango Office
329 S. Camino Del Rio, Suite I
When:  Tuesday, July 18, 7:30 AM

Senator Cory Gardner's Fort Collins Office
2001 S. Shields Street, Building H
When:  Tuesday, July 18, 9:00 AM

2. Visit (or call) Senator Gardner’s other offices and demand that he uphold the Affordable Care Act and protect health coverage for all Americans.  Take photos, take video, post to social media.

Colorado Springs
102 S. Tejon Street, Suite 930
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

1125 17th Street, Suite 525
Denver, CO 80202

Grand Junction      
400 Rood Avenue, Federal Bldg.
Suite 220
Grand Junction, CO 81501

801 8th Street, Suite 140A
Greeley, CO 80631

503 N. Main Street, Suite 426
Pueblo, CO 81003

Washington, DC    
354 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

529 North Albany Street, Suite 1220
Yuma, CO 80759

Mitch McConnell will keep trying to gut the Affordable Care Act because he would rather cut taxes for billionaires than let 32 million people keep their health insurance—the number that would lose insurance with a full repeal. Every day we stop him is a victory. Stay in this fight with us.

Health Care Overhaul Collapses as Two Republican Senators Defect – New York Times

GOP gives up on replacing Obamacare now: McConnell and Trump call for simply repealing – CNBC

McConnell: Senate will try to repeal ObamaCare with delayed replacement - The Hill



D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Monday's D3 Daily Action

Call the six Republican Senators who are on the fence about Trumpcare.  Let them know that you vehemently OPPOSE.  We need only three Republicans to reject Trumpcare to stop this devastating and unpopular bill.  These Senators are the ones who can make or break this fiasco of a bill that affects us all.  Even though we are not their constituents, we are their fellow Americans.  Keep the pressure on!

Last week, the Republicans announced their "new" Trumpcare bill. It's as disastrous as its nearly identical precursor. It kicks tens of millions of Americans off health care, ends Medicaid as we know it, and defunds Planned Parenthood.  And in some ways, this new Trumpcare bill is even worse than the last one. It guts protections for people with preexisting conditions—that can be anything from cancer to pregnancy to mental illness to diabetes to addiction.  

Even though the vote has been delayed by Mitch McConnell, it is important that these key Senators hear from you NOW.  Tell these six senators that you oppose Trumpcare and that it's wrong to take health care away from tens of millions of Americans.  Time, and number of calls, are of the essence!  

Mike Lee, Utah
361A Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-5444

John Hoeven, North Dakota
338 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-2551

Dean Heller, Nevada
324 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-6244

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
522 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-6665

Rob Portman, Ohio
448 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-3353

Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia
172 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-6472

McConnell isn’t interested in fixing health care—he wants 50 votes and a political win for his party. Your advocacy matters immensely. No matter where you live, please call these senators today. 

In addition, please call Republican Senator Cory Gardner and let him know that you oppose this bill.

Senate Republicans Say They “Fixed” TrumpCare. Don’t Believe Them. - Indivisible

Latest GOP Health Care Bill Sees Immediate Defections from Republicans - NBC

McConnell delays health care vote while McCain recovers from surgery - CNN

Republican health bill: latest draft would scrap contraception mandate - the Guardian

The new GOP health-care plan is still an abomination - Washington Post Editorial

With gratitude to K.L. for this Daily Action.


D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Sunday's D3 Daily Action

Our national monuments and public lands tell a special story of who we are as Americans — a story that is under threat by President Trump. And there's no better day to celebrate our natural heritage than the Fourth of July — and no more important time to help save it.

Please take two minutes today to channel your patriotism into helping protect America's national monuments and public lands.

President Trump wants to strip away protections for some of America's most cherished national treasures, including the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, Grand Staircase-Escalante, also in Utah, and the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts off the coast of Cape Cod.

This move will open them up to oil and gas drilling, uranium and coal mining, tar sands extraction and other industrial dangers. It's an unprecedented assault on our natural heritage and the Antiquities Act itself — and we can't allow it to happen.

The Interior Department is collecting public comments on this despicable proposal until July 10. So it's critical that they hear from you immediately.

Trump's executive order requires Secretary Zinke to review all monuments created since 1996 — a clear signal that the president's ultimate goal is to open them up to dirty, dangerous drilling and mining operations for profit.

In addition to Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante in Utah, other monuments at risk include Berryessa Snow Mountain, Carrizo Plain and Giant Sequoia in California; Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks in New Mexico; Basin and Range in Nevada; Vermilion Cliffs and Grand Canyon-Parashant in Arizona, and many more.

Millions of people visit our beloved national monuments, bringing them joy, peace and adventure. But they also protect some of the Earth's most threatened wildlife, protect sources of drinking water for millions of Americans and preserve sacred tribal lands and cultural sites that are fundamental to indigenous communities who have lived here for thousands of years.


D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Saturday's D3 Daily Action

This July Fourth recess, we celebrate our freedom. And we stand up for a fundamental belief: health care is a human right. Last week constituent power protected this right by delaying the vote on TrumpCare, something Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell desperately tried—and failed—to avoid. Now, during this week of congressional recess, we are pressing our advantage. While senators are back home for July 4th, we’ll be making clear a very simple point: the American people do not want TrumpCare. Here’s how.

Hold your senators accountable this recess with the truth about TrumpCare

We’ve got all the July 4th recess resources at—including more info on this week’s to-do list, call scripts, and explainers (and a pep talk for Indivisibles from Vice President Joe Biden). Here are some key new resources to use in your fight against TrumpCare:

  1. Questions for your senator on TrumpCare. This July Fourth recess, you need to stand up and speak out to ensure that your senators stand firmly against a bill that would rip coverage away from 22 million Americans, gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and devastate Medicaid and the people who rely on it. Ask the right questions and demand answers.
  2. What does delay in the Senate really mean for TrumpCare?The vote delay is a major blow to TrumpCare, but the delay does not mean the bill is dead. What the delay won us is crucial: time. We won the opportunity this recess to make clear to senators exactly how unpopular this heartless legislation is.
  3. TrumpCare destroys Medicaid as we know it. The Senate’s version of the TrumpCare bill is out, and it’s as monstrous as we thought: in order to give billions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations, TrumpCare makes the deepest cuts to Medicaid in its 52-year history.
  4. TrumpCare = Higher costs for all Americans. TrumpCare would drive costs for consumers way up. Here’s what consumers can expect under the Senate version of TrumpCare, and why you should tell your Senator to vocally and unwaveringly oppose it.
  5. TrumpCare fails people with pre-existing conditions. You may have heard just the opposite—that people with pre-existing conditions are protected, and that this version of TrumpCare is “nicer” or “better” than the House version for that reason. Don’t fall for it. It’s still much worse than current law. And, if you’re one of the 130 million Americans with a pre-existing condition, you could be the one paying the price.
  6. How TrumpCare will worsen the Opioid Crisis in America. One of McConnell’s biggest bribes for votes is putting more funding in the bill to fight opioid addiction. But there’s no way your senator should fall for this token acknowledgement of what a serious crisis the opioid epidemic is.