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Bristol Bay

D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Thursday's Daily Action

As Coloradans, we have a special draw to protecting and preserving our natural environments.  Well, Alaska needs our HELP!!

Bristol Bay is a place of stunning natural beauty, abundant wildlife, millions of salmon, and the place of the strongest commercial sockeye salmon runs in the world. It is a national treasure on a global scale.

But, the beauty, wildlife, and economic prosperity of Bristol Bay are again at risk.

Last month, President Trump's EPA took a big step backwards by reversing the EPA's scientifically-based proposed protections for Bristol Bay, Alaska. These are the same protections that the EPA itself concluded are necessary to protect Bristol Bay and its fish and wildlife from the proposed Pebble Mine. 

We need help to tell the Trump Administration and Scott Pruit to NOT reverse its course on the protections set in place.  Pebble Mine without these protections will undoubtedly destroy this beautiful natural habitat, environment and home for many wildlife.