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D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Wednesday's D3 Daily Action


Call Governor Hickenlooper and ask him to join the Climate Alliance: (303) 866-2471

After Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, 12 governors across the nation joined what is now called the US Climate Alliance -- a state partnership to keep meeting the goals of the Paris deal, and push the US forward on climate action.

Unless Governor Hickenlooper steps up to be a part of the Paris solution, he is siding with Trump's plan of climate denial and climate disaster.

Call on Colorado Governor Hickenlooper to join the Climate Alliance: (303) 866-2471

Script:  With Trump sending us backwards, Colorado must ACT ON CLIMATE so that we can protect our communities from bigger forest fires and floods and build a renewable energy economy that will provide jobs without the pollution of oil and gas.  We've all felt the effects of harsher heat waves, bigger fires and stronger flooding in Colorado. The question is whether Gov. Hickenlooper is ready to do what it takes to stop them. He can show he's with us by joining the US Climate Alliance.

Also, add your name to’s petition to Governor Hickenlooper.  They will deliver it to him next week.

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D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Thursday's D3 Daily Action

Photo Credit: Trump image library on Twitter

Photo Credit: Trump image library on Twitter

Stand up NOW for the Paris Climate Agreement!

Donald Trump is preparing to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement, according to multiple news reports.  Trump's decision means that the United States has lost its place as a global leader -- and not just on climate.  Every other large country on earth is keeping their Paris promise, or doubling-down.

Clean energy works. Renewables employ more people in this country than coal and oil combined, and 10 million people globally. And after the hottest year on record, when thousands of Americans lost their homes to flooding, we should only be going forward on climate action, not backwards.

Here’s what you can do to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD:

1)  Send a message to Rex Tillerson

Dear Secretary Tillerson,
The Paris Agreement is the backbone of international action to tackle the greatest challenge facing our civilization: climate change.  Dropping out of the Paris Agreement would be immoral, economically counterproductive and politically foolish. The Paris Agreement isn't perfect, but it's a path forward.  Climate change affects the poor, communities of color, and Indigenous people first and worst. Mr. Tillerson, please stand up for action -- withdrawing from the Paris Agreement would be a crime against the future of our planet and against the world’s most vulnerable people.
Thank you,

2)  Sign the petition which will be delivered to the White House and press TODAY.

3)  Call the White House to let Trump know that dropping out of the Paris Agreement is a historic mistake!
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

4)  Call Governor Hickenlooper - (303) 866-2885 - and ask him to stand with New York City and declare the state of Colorado’s commitment to the Paris Agreement, regardless of President Trump's decision.  

5)  Sign Organizing For Action's Petition

6)  Sign Up to Host an OFF Fossil Fuels Action Event through the Food & Water Action Fund:  We are at a critical moment.  As the fossil fuel industry poisons the planet, the Trump administration is emboldening climate deniers and attacking our environment, our communities and our democracy.  Now, more than ever, we need to work locally and build a powerful movement to win from the ground up. This is a moment for us to come together and support each other's local events in order to build a network of communities fighting for a renewable future.


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D3 Daily Action

D3 Daily Action

Wednesday's D3 Daily Action


Prioritize Our Health and Safety Over Corporate Profits.  STOP the state's decision to appeal the Martinez ruling!  Call Governor Hickenlooper TODAY:  855-969-5613 or 303-866-2885

On March 23, the Colorado Court of Appeals sided with youth plaintiff Xiuhtezcatl Martinez in a landmark decision that gives our right to a livable climate precedence over oil and gas development.  

This was a huge win for the people of Colorado, but now the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) is threatening to use state funds to reverse that decision with an appeal that might once again put profits over people.  Colorado lawmakers created the COGCC to regulate the oil and gas industry, but instead it has led us to more drilling.

The COGCC is already preparing the appeal, but Governor Hickenlooper has major influence over the agency's decision to challenge the ruling or to let it stand. We can pressure him into stopping this appeal — here's how:

Call Governor Hickenlooper: 855-969-5613
Script: Please let Governor Hickenlooper know that we expect him to respect the Colorado Court of Appeals' decision to place our health and safety above oil and gas profits, and to STOP the appeal of the Martinez ruling!

If we can stop the appeal, the court's decision will forever put our rights to health, safety and a livable future before oil and gas profits. New oil and gas developments only worsen our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and puts our health and water at risk.

In Martinez v. Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, six youth plaintiffs argued that the COGCC is infringing on their right to a livable future by continuing to permit oil and gas development without concern for public health or the climate. An appeal by the COGCC would be an outright attack on children and their right to clean air, safe water and a healthy future.

Colorado appeals court says state must protect health and environment before allowing oil and gas drilling – The Denver Post

Editorial:  For the Governor, A Moment of Truth - Daily Camera

With thanks to Food and Water Watch for this Daily Action.