Wednesday's D3 Action

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We wholeheartedly invite you to participate in the newest campaign from D3 Indivisible Colorado15 Friends!

No longer will we sit back to watch this unfold.  We know people!  And each one of us will be responsible for making sure that OUR PEOPLE VOTE in November.

Let's each take it upon ourselves to ensure that family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances MAIL IN BALLOTS or GO TO THE POLLS on November 6th.

Make a list of 15 people in your life.

Let them know that you are going to CHECK IN WITH THEM
until you are 100% certain that they have voted:

Call again
...Drive them to the post office
or to the polls!

Just think about it...isn't it time you spoke with with your best friend from high school?  Your old boss?  What does your mom think about the state of things?  This is a great opportunity to reconnect with the folks in your life.  All of us here at D3 Indivisible Colorado are playing...won't you join us?  The power of connection.  It's so simple.

Spread the word!  If everyone participates, just imagine the wave we will make!  In Colorado and beyond.  Please say YES.  And please share your success stories with #15FRIENDS.

Be a Patriot.  Vote in November.