Friday's D3 Daily Action: Attend the Town Hall with Senator Cory Gardner in Grand Junction


This is it! Senator Cory Gardner is finally holding a town hall meeting on the Western Slope TODAY in Grand Junction.

Constituents are encouraged to arrive early, as space is limited. Doors open at 9:00 a.m. 
The Town Hall will be held at Robinson Theatre in the Moss Performing Arts Center at Colorado Mesa University. 

The events are open to the public and the media. If you are a member of the media interested in attending the event, please RSVP by sending an email to Senator Gardner’s Press Secretary, Casey Contres,

When: Friday, September 8, 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. MT

Where: Robinson Theatre in the Moss Performing Arts Center - Colorado Mesa University 1100 North Avenue, Grand Junction

Free parking is available at Stocker Stadium, North 12th Street, Grand Junction.

Here are some possible questions to ask Senator Gardner: 

  1. You have claimed repeatedly that hundreds of thousands of Coloradans “lost their coverage” due to Obamacare, when in truth the rate of uninsured in Colorado has been reduced by half since the law went into effect. What do you have to say to the thousands of Coloradans who would lose their coverage and not get it back under the health repeal bills you voted for?
  2. You campaigned against insurance cancellation letters, but every bill you voted for would have literally stripped coverage away from more people than ever got a letter. Can you honestly suggest the two things are equal?
  3. Will you pledge to drop repeal efforts and work with the Democrats to protect coverage?
  4. You have claimed that you enjoyed the lively town hall meetings you held last month. Do you still believe that we are paid protesters like you said earlier this year?
  5. After your comments about calling out white supremacists and bigots after Charlottesville, will you urge the candidates you’re helping in 2018 with the NRSC to reject Trump’s support? And as a candidate in 2020, will you refuse now to campaign with Trump?
  6. How can you claim you’re making Medicaid sustainable when you were voting to cut hundreds of billions from the program and making the states foot the bill?
  7. You promised to vote against any bill that raised the cost of insurance. The bills you voted for raised premiums by at least 20 percent a year, according to the CBO. Will you apologize for your vote?
  8. You promised for 7 years and two major campaigns that the Republicans would have a replacement plan for Obamacare ready immediately and that it was a better deal than what we had now. After the CBO showed that every repeal bill you voted for this summer would cost at least 20 million people their coverage, will you acknowledge that what you said during the campaigns was wrong?
  9. Will you pledge to ensure that the cost sharing payments and subsidies meant to keep premiums down will be paid? Do you regret your statements against the risk corridors and other subsidies now that it’s plain that these payments were meant to keep costs down for consumers?
  10. If Special {rosecutor Mueller, finds evidence of a crime, will you support a congressional investigation and possibly impeachment?
  11. After accusing Obama for 8 years of weakness in the face of foreign thugs like Putin, are you ready to say that the current president is working more to advance Russian interests than our own?
  12. As a member of the Foreign Relations committee, can you promise that the Congress will do whatever it takes to prevent Trump from triggering a war with North Korea?
  13. Why didn’t you do a town hall before August?
  14. Do you believe that human caused climate change has anything to do with the devastating storms impacting the people of Texas, Puerto Rico, Florida, the Caribbean and Asia and the horrible fires in Montana, California and the Pacific Northwest? If so, what are you going to do about it? 

NOTE: Date and time are subject to change per Senate vote schedule. Gardner’s office will make an additional announcement if the schedule changes.