WEdnesday's D3 Daily Action: Tell Congress Stop Trump from Starting Nuclear War

As President of the United States, Donald Trump has supreme authority to launch a nuclear strike and literally no one can stop him. And today he threatened North Korea: “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Tell congress: Support legislation that would take the nuclear trigger away from this dangerous individual. 

Two members of Congress, Rep. Ted Lieu and Sen. Ed Markey, have proposed urgent legislation to prevent the U.S. president from starting a nuclear war without a declaration of war by Congress.

Trump exposes the terrifying power of a system built for speed and mass destruction at the president's sole discretion. From opening the door to using nuclear weapons in the Middle East to questioning why we have nuclear weapons if we “can’t use” them, Donald Trump has shown just how dangerous it is to let any one person have the unchecked power to destroy the entire world with the push of a button. 

Call on congress and sign the petition to keep us safe by making it illegal for President Trump, or any successor, to start a nuclear war.