Friday's D3 Daily Action: Stand Up For Houston


After the floodwaters recede and the heroic rescues fade from the headlines, the hard part of the disaster recovery will begin. Rebuilding Houston may well take ten years or more, and we will need all the help from the Federal government we can get.

As Houston Rep Al Green told NPR yesterday, “We've got to show our people that when we have these tragedies, when they're confronted with catastrophic events, that the federal government is going to do what it's supposed to.”

As Indivisible members and groups, we’ve called our representatives all year demanding they stand up to the Trump administration and its repulsive agenda, with pretty damn impressive success. Right now, it’s time to call Senator Michael Bennet, Senator Cory Gardner and Representative Scott Tipton to demand the federal government step up up to rebuild Houston over the long haul. You can check out Indivisible’s new policy explainer here.

Colorado Springs: 719-632-6706
Denver: 303-391-5777
Durango: 970-415-7416
Fort Collins: 970-484-3502
Grand Junction: 970-245-9553
Greeley: 970-352-5546
Pueblo: 719-543-1324
Washington, DC: 202-224-5941

Denver Metro Office: 303-455-7600 or Toll Free: 866-455-9866
Arkansas Valley Office: 719-542-7550
San Luis Valley Office: 719-587-0096
Pikes Peak Office: 719-328-1100
Northern Colorado - Eastern Plains Office: 970-224-2200
Northwest/I-70W Office: 970-241-6631
Four Corners Office: 970-259-1710
Washington, D.C. Office: 202-224-5852

Alamosa: 719-587-5105
Durango: 970-259-1490
Grand Junction: 970-241-2499
Pueblo: 719-542-1073
Washington, DC: 202-225-4761

Here’s what your Bennet, Tipton and Gardner need to hear from you:

  • Demand immediate relief for areas affected by Harvey. Members of the Texas delegation are leading efforts to appropriate emergency relief for Houston, coastal Texas, and Louisiana. This is a national crisis and every Member of Congress should support aid for areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Make sure that your MoCs do, too.
  • Resist funding cuts to disaster preparedness and response.Trump has called for massive cuts to FEMA, the coast guard, and other programs that are essential to prepare for and respond to disasters like Harvey. But funding is the job of Congress, so make sure your MoC doesn’t cut these important programs.
  • Rebuild Houston, not some stupid wall. We need infrastructure, medical help, jobs and economic security to rebuild Houston and the Gulf Coast, not a thousand mile long political posture for Trump’s white supremacist worldview. Demand your members of Congress supply federal funding to rebuild our cities and our communities—not for a costly and unnecessary wall. 
  • Reauthorize the National Flood Insurance ProgramEven as Houston sits under water, Congress is unsure about whether it should reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program, which is intended to protect Americans from events like Harvey and expires on September 30. Congress needs to not just reauthorize the program, but strengthen it.
  • Address climate change in a meaningful way. Tropical Storm Harvey is real, so is climate change. We need a deliberative grassroots-driven plan that takes into account the strong likelihood of future climate disasters while taking action to avert the worst of the climate crisis. If Congress won’t address climate change, then we need to make sure our local and state governments are.