Keep the Pressure On: Save our Parks and Monuments

Interior Secretary RyanZinke gave President Trump recommendations this week to shrink four outdoor national monuments as a followup to Trump’s April executive order to review national monuments over 100,000 acres.

“No president should use the authority under the Antiquities Act to restrict public access, prevent hunting and fishing, burden private land, or eliminate traditional land uses, unless such action is needed to protect the object,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said in a statement Thursday announcing he had sent recommendations to the White House.

But outdoor enthusiasts, sportspersons and environmentalists are crying foul. 

“Secretary Zinke’s so-called review of parks and monuments has been a complete sham, with arbitrary criteria for ‘pardoning’ some national monuments while attacking others,” League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski, said in a Thursday statement. “This exercise was nothing more than a pretext for selling out our public lands and waters as a political favor to Big Oil and other special interests who want to pad their profits.”

The outdoor clothing manufacture and longtime nature advocate Patagonia released a TV commercial asking citizens to pressure their congressional representatives not to sell off of public lands. (watch)  

Contact your congressional representatives and tell them, Hands off our public lands!

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With a League of Conservation Voters score of near zero, Colorado District 3 Representative Scott Tipton has long advocated weakening protections for National Parks and Monuments.