SUNDAY'S D3 DAILY ACTION: Oppose the Border Wall And Stand Up for Immigrants

This expensive and ineffective project will cost American taxpayers dearly. It will heighten animosity between neighbors making all less safe. It will block important wildlife corridors. 

Trump's Border Wall will Impact Refugees, Wildlife and World Heritage Sites (more)

Trump just publicly endorsed the RAISE Act, a bill backed by white supremacists that would cut legal immigration in half.5 This anti-immigrant bill would restrict green cards, bar immigrants from reuniting with their families and end the diversity visa lottery that many immigrants from African countries rely on to enter the United States. It would also add discriminatory measures to the visa process that would prioritize applicants with advanced degrees and require that they pass an English language test before the government can approve their visa.6

Under the RAISE Act, it would be nearly impossible for immigrants fleeing countries torn apart by war or climate change to get U.S. visas. Trump and his racist party like to sanitize their anti-immigrant extremism by claiming that they are focused on removing dangerous criminals from the country, but this legislation makes clear that they are planning to attack all immigrants.

Already, Republicans in Congress have introduced several cruel and xenophobic bills that would give the federal government the power to:7,8,9

  • Expand and militarize Trump’s terrifying deportation army and lower standards for the agents Customs and Border Patrol hires.10
  • Force local law enforcement to aid in deportations and detain immigrants in local jails.
  • Prosecute and fine cities and counties that refuse to enforce immigration laws.
  • Prosecute and fine undocumented immigrants and make it more difficult for them to access health care and social services.11
  • Weaken immigration detention center standards and lock up more immigrants, exacerbating already overcrowded detention centers.
  • End extensions of Temporary Protected Status and deny visas and citizenship to refugees and other victims of violence.

Recently, 24 Democrats sided with Trump’s hateful regime and voted to advance an anti-immigrant bill in the House.12 That is completely unacceptable. We must make sure that Senate Democrats hold the line.

Tell Senate Democrats: Do everything in your power to block Trump’s war on immigrants. Click here to sign the petition.