Monday's D3 Daily Action: Advocate for a path to citizenship and oppose corporate detention profits.

Call Representative Scott Tipton: 202-225-4761
Call Senator Cory Garnder: 202-224-5941
Call Senator Michael Bennet: 202-224-5852

Script: I am calling about corporate involvement in deportation. A recent report showed some contracted companies run detention centers that violate basic human rights and fail to meet federal standards. ICE’s aggressive tactics are increasing numbers which worsens conditions. Also, deportation charter flights are a cash cow for airlines, and are rife with abuse. I am outraged that my tax dollar is funding corporations that violate human rights, waste money, and are linked with the Trump campaign. I know immigration is a complex issue, but I look to [name] to speak up against unnecessary deportations and hold corporate contractors to the highest standards. What is [name] doing to address aggressive deportation and create a path to citizenship?