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Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement is a call to arms and has galvanized people across the country. Let's join them in defending climate with local action!

Beat Trump on Your Home Turf, in Cities and States

We can meet the targets set in Paris even as Trump tries to stand in the way. In fact, we can get 60% of the way to Paris goals without any federal policy. State and local governments must take the lead on climate action in the absence of federal leadership, and indeed, they already are. Although we normally focus on congressional advocacy, this is a case where it makes a lot of sense to fight back at lower levels of government, too. Fortunately, the basic political laws of gravity we described in the Indivisible Guide apply to your state and local elected officials too: they wake up every morning thinking “How am I going to get reelected.”

Connect with Local Groups and Campaigns. The most important thing you can do is plug into existing campaigns, like the ones a number of national organizations are leading on the ground at the state and local level. We recommend reaching out to these groups to understand what the best approach might be in your city and state. Here are just a few suggestions of where to get started, both by getting directly connected locally or to learn more:

Focus on Cities and States. In the absence of national leadership on climate change, states and cities are committing to upholding the standards of the Paris Agreement, doing their part to address climate change, standing with their constituents—and against Trump. At the state level, call on your governor John Hickenlooper to sign a Global Climate Leadership Memorandum of Understanding with the Under2 Coalition, a group of 167 cities, states and countries committed to slashing greenhouse gas emissions, which commits your local government to take concrete steps to reduce carbon pollution. Here are a few other ways you can get active locally:

  • Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 provides resources to help advocate for commitments to achieve 100% renewable energy. And it’s Beyond Coal Campaign is working on replacing dirty coal plants with clean energy alternatives.
  • The Mayors National Climate Action Agenda represents mayors from over 75 U.S. cities working together on this issue, and even has some example climate action plans.
  • Call on your state’s governor, city mayor, or county executive to issue an executive order or commitment to uphold the Paris Agreement in spite of Trump’s choice to pull out, similar to the one made by New York’s mayor.

Donald Trump and his supporters are celebrating the announcement that the U.S. will leave the Paris Agreement. While the “nationalist wing” of the White House has seemingly secured a victory, America is the big loser. But you can change this. You can fill the gap by continuing to resist locally. We are winning, and we will win on climate, too.

Here's an easy way to contact Governor Hickenlooper courtesy of Conservation Colorado:

A very local action: VOTE for Dawn Glanc for San Miguel Power Association Board of Directors

Here are some other ideas for making a difference, right in your own home: