Tuesday's D3 Daily Action

Support the RECLAIM Act.  Call Representative Tipton - House votes TODAY.

Today is a big day for the RECLAIM Act, the bipartisan piece of legislation that will funnel $1 billion to economic projects in communities impacted by the decline of the coal industry for cleaning up abandoned mine lands.

Representative Tipton is a member of the House Natural Resource Committee, and will help decide whether the bill moves forward.  Call Scott Tipton TODAY.

Script:  Hello. My name is (XX) and I am calling from (ZIP).  I am calling Rep. Tipton regarding the RECLAIM Act.  The RECLAIM act would create thousands of jobs for cleaning up abandoned mines in struggling communities impacted by the decline of the coal industry.  I am urging Rep. Tipton VOTE YES on the RECLAIM Act and the Beyer Amendment.  Please move this bill forward! Thank you.

This legislation came together after years of hard work and conversations with people living in affected communities, but now billionaire coal executives are standing in the way. Despite having shown no interest in the legislation over past the past two years, corporate coal interests have launched an all-out assault to kill the bill in the past few days. That's right, the same executives that are responsible for polluting our lands and streams are impeding our efforts to clean them up!

We can't let them and their Washington, D.C. lobbyists steal this opportunity from families trying to build a brighter future.

The RECLAIM Act uses existing funds to create jobs and clean up dangerous abandoned mines and doesn't use a cent of taxpayer money. Its funds come from the Abandoned Mine Lands fund, which was paid into over the past 40 years by coal companies.

The RECLAIM Act is a real opportunity to create jobs, empower communities, and build real long-term opportunities for working families in coal-impacted states across the country. The key to RECLAIM's success is using your voice. With its bipartisan support, we've never been closer to passing the RECLAIM Act and making this dream a reality. Thanks for calling your Representative today!

With thanks to the Sierra Club for this D3 Daily Action.

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