Friday's D3 Daily Action: Sign up for the D3 Summit


JULY 20-22, 2017  •  RIDGWAY, COLORADO

From Steamboat to Ouray, Glenwood to Alamosa, Grand Junction to Pueblo, Colorado's District 3 is coming alive. Resistance efforts and protests have created new alliances, strong organizations, and a movement bigger than any one community alone.

As a Resource Hub and Action Platform, D3 Indivisible Colorado is at the very heart of it. And we want you to join us.

D3 is committed to serving as an umbrella for regional entities to gather and disseminate factual information, raise public awareness, organize coordinated political actions that further responsible and intelligent public policy, and to function as a public, inclusive platform to unite our diverse communities.

The first ever D3 Summit is designed to provide a forum for collaboration and coordination for progressive organizations and causes throughout Colorado's Third Congressional District.

We welcome leaders from Indivisible, progressive, environmental, social welfare, education, political and other diverse advocacy groups throughout the region as well as individuals committed to respectfully engaging in the kind of discourse that unifies rather than divides. 

The D3 Summit is also slated to be the first public forum for candidates running for our Congressional District seat in the US House of Representatives.

Together, we have the power to advocate for common sense policy that upholds the pillars of our Constitution and protect our freedoms for a stronger America.