Saturday's D3 Daily Action

Betsy DeVos recently testified before the Senate Appropriations Committee on the Trump-DeVos plan for deep cuts to the education budget. After two hours of public testimony, the Secretary of Education made it clear that she supports defunding financial aid programs, and she doubled down on the plan to eliminate the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.
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During the hearing, Senator Dick Durbin stated, “We have a student debt crisis in this country. I can find no relief for students in this budget.” DeVos, herself, admitted that student loans are of “grave concern,” but she supports eliminating the most generous programs that help struggling student loan borrowers most.
Betsy DeVos continues to turn her back on America’s students and student loan borrowers. The budget will make it harder for Americans to pay for college and afford their student loans by:
X  Eliminating Public Service Loan Forgiveness that helps students pursuing vital careers.
X  Cutting $3.9 Billion in funding from the Pell Grant reserve fund.
X  Eliminating Subsidized Loans that keep interest costs low.
X  Replacing Existing Repayment Plans, which people use to lower their monthly payments.
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Watch the Betsy Devos Senate testimony:

Today's Daily Action courtesy of The Student Debt Crisis Team