Friday's D3 Daily Action

Ask Your Representative to Support Lead Testing in Colorado Public Schools’ Drinking Water.

Call Representative Tipton and urge him to vote YES on House Bill 1306 to protect children from a hidden harm.  Script:  "Please approve a bill to provide funding for lead testing in water in Colorado Public Schools.  Most of the arguments against this proposition revolve around the cost of cleaning up lead contamination.  Such thinking is short-sighted.  This bill provides necessary funding to give schools the help that they need in order to ensure the health and safety of students.  Vote YES on HB 1306."

HB 1306 would provide funds for Colorado schools to voluntarily test for lead in their drinking water, something you'd think we already do!  However, just seven of Colorado’s 178 school districts have tested their water for lead, and in these districts, 77 schools were found to have lead in their water. This bill would make it easier for schools to make sure their drinking water is safe.  

“School district budgets are in crisis across the state with the ongoing cut to schools known as the Negative Factor expected to increase in the coming school year” said Kerrie Dallman, president of the Colorado Education Association. “Rural school districts are struggling to keep teachers, so we certainly cannot expect them to divert precious resources away from the classroom to test drinking water. This bill provides necessary funding to give schools the help they need to ensure the health and safety of students.”

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