Monday's D3 Daily Action

Ask Book Publishers to Stand Up for Free Speech and to Protect the Planet's Forests.

A logging giant is trying to take down Greenpeace by suing them for $300 million...because they were too effective in campaigning against them!  Canada’s biggest logging giant is dragging Greenpeace to court, demanding more than a quarter of a billion dollars.  If they win, it would give greedy corporations everywhere a green light to silence all of us who stand up to them. But now we have a way to stop them.

Loggers care about profits. And some of their biggest customers are book publishers, who have a history of standing up for free speech and have strong commitments to sustainability.  All the major publishers are gathering in days at a major industry event -- let’s overwhelm them with a massive call to take their business elsewhere unless the case is dropped. 

Sign the Petition:  "To Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, and all other Resolute Forest Products clients:  As citizens from around the world, we are concerned to learn that Resolute Forest Products is supplying the paper that fills the pages of many of your books. As customers who applaud your commitment to sustainable solutions for our forests, we ask you to urge Resolute stop its attack on freedom of speech and be a champion for our forests.

When clients have spoken out before, Resolute listened. Let’s overwhelm major publishers before the biggest book conference of the year, asking them to tell Resolute to drop the lawsuit or risk losing some of their biggest customers.

Resolute Forest Products has logged some of Canada’s oldest, most majestic Boreal forests. And now, after a very successful campaign to demand a more sustainable way to do business, Resolute is accusing Greenpeace and of “conspiracy” for trying to stop the destruction -- and hurting their profits (Resolute's stock prices are plummeting)!

The case could change campaigning forever, giving corporations a way to silence groups like Greenpeace and Avaaz, while giving oil companies, loggers and miners free rein to destroy our beautiful planet, no questions asked.  Please protect the planet by protecting the voice of organizations dedicated to environmental preservation.


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