Thursday's D3 Daily Action


Comment period deadline Friday!
Tell Sec. Zinke not to roll back protection of Bears Ears National Monument

Action: Submit a letter to Interior Secretary Zinke, or call him at 202-208-7351 (Office of the Secretary) or 202-208-6291 (Office of the Deputy Secretary). Tell him to keep protections for Bears Ears National Monument.

Your public lands need you. The Department of the Interior is “reviewing” previous national monument designations with an eye toward eliminating or shrinking up to 26 monuments and Bears Ears in Utah is first on the chopping block. The comment period for Bears Ears ends on Friday, May 26th and it's up to you to ensure that some of the most spectacular and sacred lands in the west retain the protections they deserve.

The goals of the Trump administration and its anti-public lands allies are clear: shrinking monument boundaries, reducing protection and chipping away at the great tradition of preserving shared lands for all Americans to enjoy. 

Bears Ears in particular, is an especially magical area; many tribes have millennia-old connections to the place. In addition to its deep cultural heritage, the area contains some of the most spectacular scenery in the American southwest. Bears Ears was protected under the Antiquities Act following a years-long public outreach process. Nullifying it sets a dangerous precedent that calls into question the sanctity of all federally protected public land. If we allow the current administration to eliminate or shrink national monuments, where will they set their sights next?

Please submit a comment today; the deadline for Bears Ears is Friday. You can sign a pre-written letter here. Or you can go here to submit a unique comment in your own words. A unique, individual comment carries the most weight – it's worth the extra time it takes. And if you really want to be a conservation hero, you can also leave a message for Interior Secretary Zinke, asking him to respect the tribes and protect Bears Ears. 202-208-7351 (Office of the Secretary) or 202-208-6291 (Office of the Deputy Secretary).

Thanks so much for all your help in this critical effort.

Thank you to Wilderness Workshop for this daily action.