Friday's D3 Daily Action

Reject Trump's Budget: The White House released their budget on Tuesday - and it is a cruel list of proposals that would have devastating impact on Americans. THE GOOD NEWS: Trump's budget needs the approval of congress. Please call your MOC's Michael Bennet, Cory Gardner and Scott Tipton and tell them to REJECT TRUMP'S BUDGET

If Trump gets his way, here are 16 of things that go:

  • Environmental education
  • Healthy school food for kids
  • Support for new forms of energy that don’t poison our planet
  • Support for fact-based scientific research
  • Climate science programs
  • Ability to protect clean air and clean water
  • Programs for the poor, including health care and disability payments
  • College loan programs for the poor and those who take jobs in nonprofit organizations
  • Protection for women’s health
  • Food assistance for older Americans
  • Nutrition programs for low-income women, infants, and children
  • Support for public libraries, PBS, and arts
  • Heating assistance for low-income people
  • Before and after school and summer programs for children in low-income communities
  • Emergency food assistance
  • Efforts to revitalize public housing