Sunday's D3 Daily Action


On April 26, President Trump signed an Executive Order instructing the Department of the Interior to review 27 National Monuments created by presidents, both Democratic AND Republican, since 1996.

Comment today via or to tell President Trump and Secretary Zinke that you support Bears Ears and all of the other monuments that are at risk. 

Since 1906 when Teddy Roosevelt designated Devils Tower as a National Monument, the Antiquities Act has been used to protect significant cultural, natural, or scientific features of our beautiful country. Many Monuments designated under the Act have gone on to become National Parks but *all* of them serve a deeply important job of protecting our public lands for decades to come.

Furthermore, in 1938, FDR attempted to get rid of a National Monument and his attorney general let him know that he could not undo a designation under the Antiquities Act without Congress's approval. Remind our leaders that these lands were designated by Presidents Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Obama for posterity and that is not to be taken lightly.

Trump says he listened to those members of Congress who want to review the existing monuments’ designations. He heard them, so let him hear you. Until May 26, you have the chance to comment directly on the issue.

Speak up. Your words matter.