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Prioritize Our Health and Safety Over Corporate Profits.  STOP the state's decision to appeal the Martinez ruling!  Call Governor Hickenlooper TODAY:  855-969-5613 or 303-866-2885

On March 23, the Colorado Court of Appeals sided with youth plaintiff Xiuhtezcatl Martinez in a landmark decision that gives our right to a livable climate precedence over oil and gas development.  

This was a huge win for the people of Colorado, but now the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) is threatening to use state funds to reverse that decision with an appeal that might once again put profits over people.  Colorado lawmakers created the COGCC to regulate the oil and gas industry, but instead it has led us to more drilling.

The COGCC is already preparing the appeal, but Governor Hickenlooper has major influence over the agency's decision to challenge the ruling or to let it stand. We can pressure him into stopping this appeal — here's how:

Call Governor Hickenlooper: 855-969-5613
Script: Please let Governor Hickenlooper know that we expect him to respect the Colorado Court of Appeals' decision to place our health and safety above oil and gas profits, and to STOP the appeal of the Martinez ruling!

If we can stop the appeal, the court's decision will forever put our rights to health, safety and a livable future before oil and gas profits. New oil and gas developments only worsen our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and puts our health and water at risk.

In Martinez v. Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, six youth plaintiffs argued that the COGCC is infringing on their right to a livable future by continuing to permit oil and gas development without concern for public health or the climate. An appeal by the COGCC would be an outright attack on children and their right to clean air, safe water and a healthy future.

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