Saturday's D3 Daily Action

Trump’s new FCC chairman wants to end the open internet as we know it.

Net neutrality rules make sure internet providers can’t slow down our favorite websites or prop up toll booths online. But Donald Trump’s new FCC chairman wants to change all of that by selling control of our open web to the likes of Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon.

Without net neutrality, Comcast and the other monopolies that control our internet service will be able to control where we go and what we do online. That’s not a risk we can afford to take.

AT&T gave more than $3.2 million in political donations to climate deniers between 2008 and 2014. Is that who we want pulling the levers on what content we can and can’t see online? NO WAY!

At the end of the day, net neutrality is an integral part of our fight for climate justice. Corporate media companies — like the Comcast-owned NBC — have failed to inform the public and hold climate deniers in Congress accountable to the facts. And we know we can’t trust major internet providers like AT&T to control content online when they have such a bad track record.

The first vote on Chairman Pai’s disastrous plan will be on May 18th, so we need people to speak out before then - and since you can file your comment online, you can do it today even though it's Saturday! And it's a good thing because they don't make it very easy... here's what to do: 

  1. Go to the FCC website
  2. Enter Proceeding number: 17-108
  3. Enter your name under Filer
  4. Write your comment - something like this: Dear FCC Chairman Ajit Pai -- I support the existing Net Neutrality rules, which classify internet service providers under the Title II provision of the Telecommunications Act. Please DO NOT roll back these regulations. Thanks!
  5. Click Continue to Review Screen
  6. Click Submit

You can also use the following link to complete the filing:

Please note: D3 ran into some issues completing this form on Safari; you will need to submit your comments by using another Browser like Chrome.  

Thank you for standing up for our free and open internet today.

Action courtesy of Climate Hawks Vote

And because it's the weekend, here's an entertaining John Oliver video on Net Neutrality.
(Parental discretion advised!)