Thursday's D3 Daily Action

"President Donald Trump made a campaign trail promise to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency -- a department once looked to as an important national force tackling climate change -- and during his first 100 days in office has held true to his word, taking swift strides towards dismantling the agency and rolling back regulations." -- CNN, May 4, 2017


There is currently a comment period that ends on May 15th that allows citizens to provide comments on regulations that may be appropriate for repeal, replacement or modification

Please take a moment to review the EPA Mission and General Programs page and consider what regulations are important to you and those living in Colorado's District 3. 

If you need ideas, here are some programs that directly benefit our part of the country: 

  • Non-point Source Grant Program: This program provides funds to Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership and numerous other Colorado Watershed Groups who are improving water quality and environmental health with a combination of federal seed money and local/state/private dollars. 
  • The Brownfields Program: This program has helped clean-up minesites and repurpose them or conserve them; from grants to our small wastewater treatment plants to ensure water is treated correctly before being discharged back into our water sources; etc. 
  • Superfund Program: Superfund cleaned up the American Lead and Zinc tailings pile in Ouray County and is doing important work throughout the San Juan Mountain region, especially currently on the Animas River. 
  • Water Protection: The EPA jointly regulates Waters of the US and wetlands with the Army Corp of Engineers. Less than 3% of Colorado is wetland but over 90% of our species depend on this ecosystem to survive. 

To submit your comments, click the link below and follow the online instructions. Once submitted, comments cannot be edited or removed from The EPA may publish any comment received to its public docket. Do not submit electronically any information you consider to be Confidential Business Information (CBI) or other information whose disclosure is restricted by statute. Multimedia submissions (audio, video, etc.) must be accompanied by a written comment. The written comment is considered the official comment and should include discussion of all points you wish to make.