Tuesday's D3 Daily Action

Here we go again... the BLM Methane Rule has been the subject of our D3 Daily Actions more times than we count. But we continue to push this topic because we believe that it is one that we can WIN! 

Please Call today - This VOTE could FINALLY happen as early as TOMORROW. 

If you have already called, CALL AGAIN!

Republican leaders have been delaying the vote because they haven't had the votes to pass the measure. And Senator Cory Gardner  is THE swing vote that could prevent this bill from passing. As of May 8th, his office stated that he is still undecided about how to vote on this issue and still taking commentary. 

Senator Gardner's primary argument for voting to overturn this regulation is that Colorado's rules are more strict than Federal regulations. But of course, Coloradans don't just breathe air or drink water from Colorado. If neighboring states have lax rules we will feel the effects. Indeed, we already do - even with the current regulations in place: Southwest Colorado is home to the highest concentration of methane pollution in the United States.

For our own health, and to ensure a healthy future for our children, we must hold the Senate accountable. Coloradoans didn’t vote for dirty, dangerous air.


  • I am calling to urge Senator Gardner to vote against overturning BLM’s methane waste prevention standards.
  • Without strong BLM standards, contaminated air will hurt our families’ health.
  • Colorado's strong rules regarding methane leaks simply don't matter... if neighboring states have lax rules, we will all suffer - we need federal regulations to protect us from states to our west. 
  • SW Colorado is already home to the highest concentration of methane pollution in the United States. 
  • If Senator Gardner believes in creating and keeping jobs for Colorado, he should vote to uphold the BLM methane waste rule - otherwise, specialists in charge of preventing these leaks will lose their jobs. 
  • By preventing these leaks, the saved gas can be used to to supply up to 740,000 households per year.
  • Venting and flaring natural gas rips off American taxpayers who don’t get the royalties from the development of our collectively owned resources
  • Methane 86 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. 
  • Methane also causes ground–level ozone, a significant contributor to health issues like asthma.
  • Senator Gardner has stated that he believes in Climate Change - methane is a Greenhouse Gas and, leaked into the atmosphere, it will speed up global warming. 
  • I urge Senator Gardner to oppose this blatant attempt to give the oil and gas industry a free pass to throw away our money at the expense of our health

Time is running out on the Congressional Review Act  which gives lawmakers 60 legislative days to undo regulations enacted by the executive branch. Although Congress had used the obscure law just once before Trump's tenure, lawmakers have succeeded in putting 13 bills on Trump's desk to overrule Obama administration rules this year. Let's not make it 14!