Monday's D3 Daily Action

Vehemently oppose Trumpcare 3 – Apply real pressure to your Representative, let them know that their job is on the line.

Call Representative Scott Tipton today.  If you called last week, please call again.

Script: Hi. I’m a constituent from _ZIP_. If Representative Tipton votes for a bill that removes any health coverage for any American, he will lose his job. Healthcare is a fundamental human right. Not tax credits. Not health savings accounts. Actual care. For all Americans. Anything less than this, and I will work hard to make sure that Representative Tipton is out of a job at the very next opportunity. Thanks. (And if you have a health care story of your own, please share it.  Personal stories can impact lawmakers' decisions.)

Paul Ryan and House Republicans are scrambling one more time to try and rush Trump's rejected, train-wreck of a health care bill through Congress. Just like the original bill, the new bill would take away health insurance from 24 million people. But the new bill is even worse than the original, because now Trump and the GOP are trying to end protections for pre-existing conditions as well. Their plan would be devastating for tens of millions of Americans.  The White House and Paul Ryan are going all-out to secure enough "moderate" Republican votes to pass the bill this week.  -

We have to stop Trumpcare now—for good—with another hurricane of constituent pressure. Make sure that Republicans hear an immediate and overwhelming outcry so they know that you will hold them personally accountable if they vote for this cruel and reckless plan.

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Last time Republicans tried to rush a vote on Trumpcare, they backed down when they heard from all of us.  We need to make sure that they hear from all of us again!