Saturday's D3 Daily Action


Tools for April Recess:  Contact your Member of Congress.  Attend a Town Hall.  Show up to their office.  Ask questions about where they stand.  Let them know the issues that matter to you most.  Take photos.  Share your stories.

Congress is on its way home for a two-week recess. Your representatives need to hear your opinions on important matters such as Syria, the environment, health care, the Russia investigation, immigration, the budget and other vital topics.  Find a town hall in your area or visit the offices of Representative Scott Tipton, Senator Cory Gardner and Senator Michael Bennet to let them know how you feel on the issues that are important to you.  If you can't be there in person, call them.  The importance of your representatives hearing from you personally cannot be overstated.

Use these TOOL KITS below to help you prepare:

The Indivisible Guide has created sample questions to use as a guide in preparation for town hall meetings. has created tools for the recess that include everything from media resources to training guides to general materials and de-escalation tips.

The Progress Report put together this tool kit as a reference for questions at town halls or on the phone.