Friday's D3 Daily Action

Friday's D3 Daily Action: Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Urge Senator Gardner to Co-sponser S. 820

With renewed momentum in Congress to push for destructive development over the preservation of our public lands and natural resources, the next likely target is the Coastal Plain that resides at the heart of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the crown jewel of the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Dubbed by biologists as "America's Serengeti," the 1.5-million-acre Coastal Plain, has been a target for industrialization and development by Big Oil and the state of Alaska for decades. 

But Colorado’s Senator Michael Bennet, Massachusetts’s Senator Edward Markey and a bipartisan group of representatives introduced legislation in the House and Senate to put an end to this threat from Big Oil once and for all. These bills call upon Congress to designate the Coastal Plain as federally protected wilderness – the highest level of protection available for our public lands. 

The Arctic Refuge’s Coastal Plain is home to grizzly and polar bears, Arctic foxes, wolverines, Dall sheep, and countless birds that migrate from six continents and all 50 states. It is the country’s most important onshore denning habitat for polar bears, the principal calving ground for one of North America’s last great caribou herds, and a land sacred to the native Gwich’in people. 

Alaska has been relentless in its efforts to open this pristine wildlife haven to extraction. Oil and gas drilling would forever destroy the wilderness and the habitat that so many animals depend on for survival. It would create a vast industrial complex replete with associated oil spills, leaks and pollution. 

If we lose the Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge to oil and gas development, that could set the stage for even more resource extraction on our public lands across the United States. Tell Senator Gardner to support the preservation of the Coastal Plain and stand up for the incalculable value of all our nation’s public lands.

Call Senator Gardner 970-245-9553 | 303-391-5777 or Email

You can say something like this: I am a constituent of _zip code_. As a Coloradan and someone who cares deeply about protecting our public lands, I'm urging you to cosponsor S. 820, legislation to protect the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness. The Coastal Plain is the biological heart of the Arctic Refuge - providing important habitat for hundreds of iconic wildlife species including polar bears, caribou, muskoxen, wolves, fish, and migratory bird species and must be preserved and protected for future generations.

Today's Daily Action Courtesy of: Defenders of Wildlife