Monday's D3 Daily Action

Advocate for a filibuster for Grouch’s nomination TODAY!

The Senate Judiciary Committee met Monday to consider Gorsuch's nomination, but as expected, Democrats requested that the nomination be held for one week, so the committee is expected to vote Monday, April 3

Republicans, who number 52 in the Senate, need eight Democrats to join them in order to end the expected filibuster, or in more technical terms, invoke cloture. 

    This Action must be done Today and ASAP! Call Now!:

    Senator Bennett:  970-259-1710 or 303-455-7600
    Senator Gardner: 970-245-9553 or 303-391-5777

    Script: Hi. I’m from _ZIP_ and am calling to ask _NAME_ to join with other Democrats in pushing for a more moderate Supreme Court pick than Gorsuch. How does _NAME_ plan to block this extreme nominee? (While you’re on the phone, go on to the next one…).

    More information on this D3 Daily Action can be found here.