Wednesday's D3 Daily Action

Protect the Fiduciary Rule:  Tell the Department of Labor to protect our retirement savings from unscrupulous Wall Street advisors.  

Senator Elizabeth Warren, consumer protection groups and thousands of individuals are working to protect the fiduciary rule.  The movement to oppose Donald Trump's policies and ensure financial security for all individuals is growing.

Recently, 193,000 individuals submitted comments opposing a delay of the fiduciary rule.  Wall Street Special interests submitted 15,000.  Stand with working people - not Wall Street advisors.

The Department of Labor is accepting comments on the fiduciary rule right now.  Submit your comment here.
Right now, the Department of Labor, at the direction of Donald Trump, is “examining” an Obama-era rule that would have protected working people from unscrupulous financial advisers. If DOL rolls back this critical protection for working people, financial advisers will be able to continue providing conflicted advice that increases their commissions at your expense.

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With thanks to the Economic Policy Institute for this D3 Daily Action.