Tuesday's D3 Daily Action

Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth

Last week, the President signed an “Executive Order on Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth.” Among other items, this EO:

  • Reverses President Obama’s moratorium on new coal mining leases on federal lands.
  • Removes the consideration of greenhouse gases from permit reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act.
  • Formally abandons President Obama’s roadmap on how to achieve U.S. emissions reductions;
  • Eliminates a tool for cost-benefit analysis in regulatory review called the “Social Cost of Carbon.”
  • Calls for a re-evaluation of the Clean Power Plan, a key regulatory action to drive down greenhouse gas emissions from the electric power sector.

Call or email Congressman Tipton and Senator Gardner to voice your opposition to this Executive Order. 

Congressman Tipton: 970-241-2499  or 970-259-1490
Senator Gardner: 970-245-9553 or 303-391-5777 

Talking points:

  • This EO does not reflect the values and beliefs of your constituents. According to a 2016 Yale opinion poll the majority of your constituents support regulating CO2 as a pollutant (71% in District 3; 74% state-wide); and support setting strict CO2 limits on existing coal-fired power plants (66% in District 3; 69% state-wide).
  • Removing the Clean Power Plan would create a costly delay in implementing necessary reductions in overall greenhouse gas emissions, thereby reducing progress in slowing down global warming.
  • This EO would diminish job opportunities in rural Colorado in renewable energy sectors while not providing any alternative economic growth opportunities for the dying coal industry.
  • Please support efforts to rescind this Executive Order.

Call or email Senator Bennet to thank him for introducing legislation that would undo this Executive Order. Tell him you agree with his statement that we need to “"keep current safeguards in place to combat climate change, protect American jobs and preserve our path toward energy independence." (Senator Bennet has also said “We are concerned that it will harm the economy in our Western states, diminish job opportunities in rural communities, exacerbate public health concerns, jeopardize our natural places, and make our country less secure.”)

Senator Bennet 303-455-7600 or 970-259-1710