Thursday's D3 Daily Action


Senate Republicans are plotting to give oil and gas companies a free pass to recklessly vent pollutants into our air — but the vote is close.

Republican leaders are delaying the vote because they don’t yet have the votes to pass the measure. 

This is a fight we can win, and Cory Gardner is one of the swing votes.

ACT NOW: Call Senator Gardner at 202-831-8606 and urge him to reject the BLM CRA resolution.

For our own health, and to ensure a healthy future for our children, we must hold the Senate accountable. Coloradoans didn’t vote for dirty, dangerous air.

This issue is particularly relevant given that SW Colorado is home to the highest concentration of methane pollution in the United States.


  • I am calling to urge Senator Gardner to vote against overturning BLM’s methane waste prevention standards.
  • Without strong BLM standards, contaminated air will hurt our families’ health.
  • By preventing these leaks, the saved gas can be used to to supply up to 740,000 households per year.
  • I urge Senator Gardner to oppose this blatant attempt to give the oil and gas industry a free pass to throw away our money at the expense of our health.

Action Courtesy of NextGen Climate