Friday's D3 Daily Action

Support local law enforcement in doing their job (not ICE’s).

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) picked up a fellow community member in Telluride this week and took her into detention. Her two young children were left behind and are being taken care of by other family members for the time being. If you want to help this individual, a fund has been set up at TriCounty Health Network for legal aid or other assistance. 

You can also help by calling our local law enforcement agencies to ask how they plan to handle circumstances like these as it is shown that using local police to enforce immigration law actually makes communities less safe.

Call: Your local police/sheriff’s non-emergency number (different for every town/county)

Script: I’m a resident of ______ and am calling to find out whether city/county police/sheriff plan to act on behalf of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. I’m concerned that ICE wants to use our local resources and make law enforcement’s job harder.