Friday's Daily Action

Keep your Members of Congress (MoCs) accountable on health care!

This will not be the last we hear from members of Congress who want to rip away health care from tens of millions of Americans, and weaken patient protections for many millions more. We must stay watchful as opponents will surely try to find other ways to chip away at the law.

Just because there was no vote doesn’t mean our MoC's don't need constituent feedback. Call Scott Tipton's Office at 970-241-2499 or you can email let him know how you feel about his stance (or lack thereof) on TrumpCare. And let him know that you’re going to keep watching out for any new attacks on the ACA down the road. While Trump and Ryan have retreated “for the foreseeable future” (to quote Ryan again), this fight is not over.

Call Rep. Scott Tipton TODAY!!