Monday's D3 Daily Action

Protect Pets and Women from Domestic Violence: Support S.322/H.R.909.

No one should have to choose between leaving an abuser and protecting a beloved pet, yet far too many women are forced to make this very choice.

The Pet and Women Safety Act (PAWS) would help protect women and their pets by expanding domestic violence protections to include pets, and by establishing a federal grant program to assist in acquiring a safe shelter for the pets.

The PAWS Act establishes a national policy on this issue and encourages states to expand their legal protections for pets in abusive households.

As many as one-third of domestic violence victims delay leaving a bad situation out of fear that their pets will be harmed. Researchers say the majority of women entering women's shelters report that their partners abused or killed their pets. It doesn't have to be this way.

Thirty-two states have enacted pet protective order legislation, allowing courts to include pets in restraining orders that prevent suspected abusers from having access to their victims -- both human and animal.

Ask our state legislators to support S.322/H.R.909.  You can say: "I am a constituent, and I am calling to ask you to please cosponsor S.322/H.R.909, the Pet and Women Safety Act, to help pets and victims of domestic violence."