Wednesday's D3 Daily Action

Call Rep. Tipton to Vote in Favor of Judiciary Review of Sessions

Tomorrow, thanks to Representatives Hakeem Jeffries and Ted Lieu, the scandal-ridden attorney general and his many connections to Russia will be the subject of a debate and vote in the House Judiciary Committee.

Reps. Jeffries and Lieu have requested evidence from the White House and Department of Justice about Attorney General Sessions (and Trump) "that could connect the Trump campaign with the Russian effort to compromise our democracy."1

But thus far, your representative, Scott R. Tipton, has not joined the more than 100 House members who are publicly supporting this congressional effort to shine a spotlight on Sessions' and Trump's connections to Russia.

Let’s make sure his Capitol Hill phones ring continuously with requests that he sign on to the "Dear colleague" letter being circulated now by Reps. Jeffries and Lieu.

Call Rep. Scott Tipton TODAY!!

You can say: "Congress must fully investigate Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who lied under oath during his confirmation hearing about his connections to Russian officials. I'm in full support of Reps. Jeffries and Lieu, who are pushing for the truth on Wednesday. I urge Representative Tipton to sign on to their 'Dear colleague' letter in support of this necessary congressional oversight."