Thursday's D3 Daily Action

Protect Colorado's environment!  Please send an email to Democratic House majority leader, Crisanta Duran to let her know how much you’d like to see her support in bringing forth a bill that will set Measurable Climate Goals for our great state.

As shocking as this may be - Colorado currently has no measurable climate goals in place to set standards necessary to combat climate change.  Last year, Rep. Jeni Arndt of Fort Collins brought forward a “Measurable Climate Goals” bill that would have rectified this situation. It passed the State House of Representatives, but failed to pass the Senate.

Jeni is trying to bring a new and improved version of the bill forward this year, but has so far been blocked by Democratic House majority leader, Crisanta Duran.  It’s important for Coloradans to weigh in loudly, swiftly and forcefully on this matter. 

A sample message is pasted below.  Cut and paste in your email if you’re pressed for time, however the more you personalize the message, the better!

Dear House Speaker Duran,

I was extremely disappointed to learn recently that you are not currently supportive of bringing a “Measurable Climate Goals” bill forward for a House vote this year. As you know, a similar bill passed was brought forward last year and was approved by the House. Colorado is already experiencing extreme climate impacts - wildfires, floods, droughts, extreme temperatures, pine beetle devastation of CO's forests, detrimental affects on winter sports, agriculture, ecosystems, and more. Meanwhile renewable energy has reached cost parity with fossil fuels and is bountiful in Colorado, benefiting jobs and our economy.

The Colorado Climate Plan does not currently have ANY measurable goals. A plan without goals is meaningless. It is essential that the State of Colorado step forward as soon as possible to regain its leadership position on combatting climate change. Please reconsider your position, and work to support a bill that contains greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets at least as ambitious as those set forth by Governor Ritter in 2008. The Earth’s climate can’t wait much longer for decisive action on this issue!

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