Tuesday's D3 Action

Mandate Disclosure on Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

Call Representative Scott Tipton to ask him to co-sponsor House Resolution 111.

Although Trump has business holdings around the world, he has been unwilling to divest himself of these holdings or report his conflicts of interest, raising the question of whether he is vulnerable to influence by foreign governments. This lack of disclosure is especially troubling given the pre-inauguration communication between members of his administration, most notably disgraced former NSA advisor Michael Flynn, and Russian diplomats.

Representative Jerry Nadler introduced a bill that would require the Attorney General to release all non-classified materials related to Trump’s conflicts of interest, especially those related to payment from foreign governments, to the House of Representatives. The Republicans are bringing this up for a House Judiciary Committee vote on Tuesday—where they expect it will be voted down—in order to prevent Democrats from bringing the resolution directly to the floor, which would force all Republicans to take an embarrassing vote.