Friday's D3 Indivisible Action

Call the US Justice Department's Comment line at: 202-353-1555 to ask that they reinstate the Title IX guidance clarifying that transgender students are protected from sex discrimination. 

Here is the ACLU Nationwide SCRIPT:

I believe that evoking the guidance shows that the president's promise to protect LGBT rights was just empty rhetoric - and makes President Trump a hypocrite.

Trans youth are extremely vulnerable - subject to some of the highest rates of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and suicide. These students need our support - not further marginalization. Rescinding the Title IX guidance amounts to institutional bullying by the Trump White House. Transgender students deserve better. This administration must do better. 

Barring transgender students from single-sex spaces like restrooms is a violation of those students' rights. Every student deserves the right to an education that is free of discrimination.