Tuesday's D3 Indivisible Action

Tomorrow, two bills will come before the Colorado House of Representatives - please encourage your Reps to vote NO to both! 

You can protest using the links below from Western Colorado Congress or contact House Committee members directly. 

HB 1124: Local Government Liable Fracking Ban Oil and Gas Moratorium. This bill flies in the face of grassroots efforts across the state to affirm local governments' land-use authority in the siting of oil and gas facilities. In fact, it would penalize any local government that enacts a moratorium or ban of oil and gas development by holding it liable for the value of the mineral rights. 

HB 1141: Equal Protection From Federal Employee Personal Attack – or the “Cliven Bundy Protection bill” as it should be called – is a blatant attack on our public land management agencies. It would make federal employees vulnerable to a felony charge for managing grazing on public lands.