Sunday's D3 Daily Action - Look Local

Today's weekend action returns us to our own communities.


School Boards Matter.

Across CD3, many local communities are preparing to vote on local School Board races, with mail-in ballots landing mid-October. Often overlooked among the many levels of elected office and policy issues vying for our attention, School Board races are a vital cornerstone of U.S. democracy. Few of our international peers allow citizens to directly elect school officials with such influence over the opportunities and futures of our kids. Yet School Board elections often see low voter turnout and little community involvement. 

If your community is holding a School Board election this November, chances are there are hard-working candidates in your area who could use a little bit of your help.

-- taking an afternoon to walk your neighborhood or a few moments to share their social media posts, placing a yard sign or two in your yard, or making a contribution to help them along their way.

Getting a few friends together to chip in for a School Board race is a great way to have non-partisan conversations with your neighbors about values and their vision for the future, and is also a great way to grow and develop volunteer skills among newcomers to community organizing. 

You can make a big difference by sharing just a bit of your time with your local School Board candidates.

This Sunday, we encourage you to get involved, grab a few friends, and make a difference.