Wednesday's D3 Daily Action: Stop Congress from Deregulating Gun Silencers

At least 58 people were killed (and more than 500 injured) at a mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night, and what was Congress about to do? Pass an NRA-sponsored bill to deregulate gun silencers. 

The ridiculously named "Hearing Protection Act" would eliminate restrictions on silencers and instead treat them as ordinary firearms. The House planned to hold a hearing on it back in June, but it was postponed after a member of Congress was shot in another horrifying incident of gun violence. 

Four months later, they were going to move on this bill—until the Vegas shooting happened. Now, they have postponed it again. 

Sign the petition to Congress: Do not deregulate gun silencers. Not now. Not next month. Not next year. NEVER. 

Tell District 3 Representative Scott Tipton and Senator Cory Gardner to quit accepting bribes by the NRA and oppose the "Hearing Protection Act." (Money given to Gardner from the NRA to date: $3,939,199)

Colorado Springs: 719-632-6706
Denver: 303-391-5777
Durango: 970-415-7416
Fort Collins: 970-484-3502
Grand Junction: 970-245-9553
Greeley: 970-352-5546
Pueblo: 719-543-1324
Washington, DC: 202-224-5941

Alamosa: 719-587-5105
Durango: 970-259-1490
Grand Junction: 970-241-2499
Pueblo: 719-542-1073
Washington, DC: 202-225-4761