Thursday's D3 Daily Action: House votes today on the tax scam. Senate is next. 

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Step one. Call Scott Tipton this morning.

The House of Representatives looks set to vote today (Thursday) on the House bill.

In its current form, it continues to contain hidden sunset tax increases for middle class families and hidden sunset giveaways for the megarich. Its economic growth charade remains a hollow scam and future budget-buster. And the arguments that the GOP leadership in the House are putting forward remain bold-faced fibs, prompting one Washington Post title: "If the tax bill is so great, why does the GOP keep lying about it?"

Call Scott Tipton once more this morning and let him know he'd better be thinking about working class families, not his out of state megadonors, when he votes on the tax bill today. 



Grand Junction  


Washington, DC

Step two. Get ready for Senate deliberations.

The GOP has a big margin in the House to pass their bill. Senate Republicans, however, can little afford to lose votes if they hope to pass a version there and send it on to a reconciliation committee. 

One Republican Senator has come out against the current tax scam plans in both House and Senate. Others like Susan Collins and Bob Corker are skeptical. The Senate will vote the week after Thanksgiving. 

Our own Senator Cory Gardner cannot afford to alienate voters in Colorado before his 2020 election race. 

Get together with your team, your allies and your neighbors and start planning a local press event to educate your community about what's going on. Senator Gardner will be watching. 

A Colossal Theft is Coming.

What's in the House tax bill?

-  $1.5 trillion in tax cuts, with 80% destined for the top 1%

- the corporate tax rate permanently felled from 35% to 20%

- the end to medical expenses deductions, which will hit families with sick children and retirees hard

- the end to the head of household deduction, which will penalize single parents and their children

- a $64B decrease in deductible education expenses over the next decade

- a doubling of the income level subject to the highest tax bracket

- a complete elimination of the tax on mega wealthy estates

- $1.5 trillion in deficit spending, positioning future forced cuts to our beleagured social safety net.

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