Tuesday's D3 Daily Action: An Option to Make a Difference in the Alabama Senate Race

...and test some new technology and skills for Get Out the Vote!

When Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was appointed to the Justice Department, the special election to replace him in the Senate seemed like smooth sailing. 

Then accusers against the avowedly religious and deeply conservative GOP nominee Roy Moore nominee began to come forward, telling stories of sexual harassment and predation on young women from an older person in power. 

Now, the race is tied or leaning towards Doug Jones, Roy's opponent and a former U.S. attorney and successful prosecutor of KKK violence. 

With the US Senate narrowly hanging in the balance, the outcome of this race could determine key votes for years to come. Voting day is December 12. 

Friends of Alabama have an option to help from afar -- calling and texting for Get Out The Vote. Some analysts suggest that African American voters will determine the election by staying home or making it to the polls. 


There's so much going on. Should my local group or friends spend time on this?

With one to two hours of preparation work, you can learn a new piece of software that let other volunteers remotely text and call voters. And you can make a difference in Alabama while doing it. 

Want to offer your members some practice and skills building before next year?

Give it a demo try yourself with this platform here


Coming Next: The Battle for the Soul of the Internet

For the past week, D3 Indivisible has been running a petition and social media campaign for millennials across the 3rd Congressional to save net neutrality. Once the Senate tax bill's fate is decided, we'll pivot to distributing resources and content to help communities fight the FCC's coming firesale of internet freedoms. 

In the meantime, check out these two great education resources via HBO's John Oliver and this handy infographic


Stay Strong America.