Tuesday's D3 Daily Action: Two Things Everyone Can Do on the Tax Bill

Our friends in Grand Junction visiting their Members of Congress' offices on the #TaxScam

Our friends in Grand Junction visiting their Members of Congress' offices on the #TaxScam

Tomorrow will see the first - and perhaps only - public meeting of a conference committee on reconciling the House and Senate bills.

What's the latest on the push to shove these bills through before Christmas?

1. They remain as hasty, thoughtless, irresponsible, and mean as when crafted, says one CEO

2. While moderate Senators waiver, statements from the GOP leadership in Congress indicate a belief that they have a messaging issue rather than a policy one. 

3. Ironing out a reconciliation of the House and Senate bills has proved tricky -- a goal for a deal over the weekend passed without success. Many rank-and-file members have yet to see details of what's going on. The President will address the nation on Wednesday in an effort to move some legislators into acceptance -- putting his name to the bill in a public push. 

If the GOP can't pass the reconciled bills before Christmas, they may be in serious trouble. 

“Republicans have made a decision, which I can’t fault them for, that the longer this bill hangs out there, the more barnacles attach,” said Jonathan Traub, the former Republican staff director at the House Ways and Means Committee.

Two things everyone can do: 

1. Is your local group keeping up a steady drumbeat of Letters to the Editor? A letter every two or three days is needed to educate busy Americans about what's going on. Messages for local media don't need to be complex or fastidiously deep on facts, but do need to be constant and powerful. Citizens can speak from the heart, the pocketbook, and trans-partisan values. See, for example, a letter to the editor in the Daily Sentinel, this one in the Durango Herald, and this one in Steamboat Today. 

2. Get 10 friends together for lunch and call a reporter. It's been long enough since many communities last held actions that media can be interested again. Consider a holiday Grinch or similar theme. Make a strong ask to your community to spread the word and contact their representatives. 

Did you see our friends in Pueblo making a visit to their MOC offices? Go Pueblo!


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Stay Strong America.