Mondays' D3 Daily Action: Tax Scam Moves Back to the House -- Educate Your Community!

Our friends in Grand Junction visiting their Members of Congress' offices last Monday. 

Our friends in Grand Junction visiting their Members of Congress' offices last Monday. 

Voters need to hear now, tomorrow, and next year about what's happened. 

Letters to the Editor, lunchtime actions for local press, and meetings with your newspaper editorial board are all powerful steps for now. 

The bad guys got their bill through. It's possible that the House and Senate won't even need to hold a reconciliation conference as commonly occurs for bills with significant differences, or that any such conference held will be mostly for show. 

Messages for local media don't need to be complex or fastidiously deep on facts, but do need to be constant and powerful. Citizens can speak from the heart, the pocketbook, and trans-partisan values. See, for example, a letter to the editor in today's Daily Sentinel, this one in the Durango Herald, and this one in Steamboat Today. 

In addition to small and efficiently-organized actions to win media coverage, submitting a letter to the editor every two or three days can provide sustained coverage through the holiday season, and ensure that family conversations into the new year are well-informed about the tax bill. 

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Coming Next: The Battle for the Soul of the Internet

For the past week, D3 Indivisible has been running a petition and social media campaign for millennials across the 3rd Congressional to save net neutrality. Once the Senate tax bill's fate is decided, we'll pivot to distributing resources and content to help communities fight the FCC's coming firesale of internet freedoms. 

In the meantime, check out these two great education resources via HBO's John Oliver and this handy infographic


Stay Strong America.