Sunday's D3 Daily Action: Five Transformative Holiday Book Gifts for Your Friends in the Movement

It's been a busy month...

...and December brings new challenges. 

The Tax Bill passed the Senate under cover of darkness and now heads to reconciliation committee. A Bears Ears Executive Order comes this week. The FCC will vote on Net Neutrality in 11 days. The window for a new Dream Act is shrinking. And on and on. 

Thank your friends and co-conspirators with a gift for the Holidays. 

Celebrate, reflect, and find new tools and solutions with any of the D3 Indivisible recommended reads below. 

Tools for Radical Democracy - A handy A to Z community organizing manual with checklists, steps, and tips for a full spectrum of actions. Recommended for folks new to organizing or needing a comprehensive reference. 

How Organizations Develop Activists: Civic Associations and Leadership in the 21st Century - A higher-level analysis of successful recent strategies for volunteer and movement building. 

SPIN Works! A robust guide to media coverage and strategies and techniques for impacting the public narrative through media action. 

The (ALL NEW) Don't Think of An Elephant - If you've haven't read it, do. If you have and are ready for a more advanced treatment, check here

Words That Work - Looking for a quick but powerful tour through modern linguistic strategies? Check out this title from famed Republican strategist Frank Luntz.

Bonus: Consider this indispensable take on Get-Out-The-Vote strategies for 2018. Or these titles on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , Cesar Chavez, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on 21st Century feminism. 

Stay Reading America.