Fridays's D3 Daily Action: Keep the Dream Act Moving

Our friends at the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition need your help.

The Dream Act has bipartisan support in the House and Senate.

Even the president has been moved to a permanent pathway to citizenship that fixes our broken system, and now it is time to keep up the push Colorado's congressional delegation

Colorado Congressman Scott Tipton has yet to sign on in support of the 2017 Dream Act, and we need your support to get him there.

Call Congressman Scott Tipton with a short message of support today! Read here for more DACA 101. 

Need talking points and ideas? Check out this handy fact sheet. 

 Phone: (202) 225-4761

"Hello, my name is _________________ from ____town____,  and I am urging Representative Tipton to support the Dream Act. Creating a permanent pathway to citizenship for young Dreamers is the smart way to fix our broken immigration system. I hope you will work to protect DACA recipients now and give our bright young generation of Dreamers a chance to make this country stronger. "

Stay Strong America.